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YES! You Can Afford LASIK!

Here at Dr. Winthrop’s office, financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining the eye care you deserve. We make our LASIK procedures an excellent value by offering a combination of expertise, experience, and advanced technology with a variety of payment structures to accommodate everyone.

You may choose any of the following payment options:
Whatever method of payment is right for you, you can rest assured that we will give you the personal attention and privacy that you deserve.

Wavefront Optimized: $4,500
Contoura: $5,000

LASIK fees are for both eyes and include all pre-operative and follow-up care for the course of one year following the procedure. Additionally, the fee includes the cost of the post-operative kit, which will contain your plastic shields and post-operative eye drops. If an enhancement is indicated after the LASIK procedure, it is performed within the first year, at no additional expense to you, as part of the global fee.

Call our office for more information: (805) 730-9111.

There is no charge for the free screening to determine that you are eligible for the procedure.

The global fee does not include the cost of any glasses or contact lenses, or the cost of treatment of complications or unrelated eye conditions.

The global fee is payable prior to your scheduled procedure date.

"Dr. Winthrop's credentials and experience and the latest equipment were primary factors in my decision. Deciding to have LASIK was the best decision I have made in my life!"

– John Ingram