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Patients are always nervous before a procedure, but be assured that LASIK with the WaveLight® EX500 is very quick. Our patients say afterwards that they can't believe they worried so much about the procedure.

We recognize that making a decision to have LASIK is significant.

You may have decided to have LASIK one day, and changed your mind the next due to a lack of confidence or a sense of fear. This is very normal, as LASIK is a procedure done on your eyes and therefore it is imperative that you make the best decision for you.

Dr. Winthrop firmly believes that the more educated a person is about the LASIK procedure (including technology, experience, credentials), the better the process is for everyone, especially the patient. The information in this website has been created to educate you and to prepare you for LASIK surgery. Please take advantage of this information and call our office to meet with Dr. Winthrop for a complimentary evaluation.

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK is to take advantage of our complimentary evaluation. The evaluation will include:
Pentacam test: a true topographical map of both the front and back surfaces of the cornea, as well as determination of cornea thickness.
Colvard Pupillometer test: an infrared measurement of your pupil in dim light to rule out night vision problems after LASIK.
Autorefraction: infrared determination of your current refractive error.
Meeting with Dr. Winthrop: receive your evaluation and recommendation in a one-on-one setting.

Requirements for your LASIK procedure exam
Complete eye health exam
Undilated and dilated refractions: to measure amount of refractive correction desired and to ensure a permanent result.
This exam is included in your LASIK fee.
Soft contact lenses must be removed from the operative eye at least one week prior to the day of your measurement. (three weeks for gas-permeable lenses).

Restrictions for the Procedure

  • No eye make-up one week prior and one week following LASIK.
  • No perfume, cologne, or hairspray the day of LASIK.
  • Eat lightly at your usual mealtime prior to LASIK. Do not come with an empty stomach.
  • Wear warm, comfortable clothing, including a sweater or sweatshirt and pants.
  • Soft contact lenses must be removed from the operative eye at least one week prior to your procedure day, (three weeks for gas-permeable contact lenses).
  • No swimming or submerging your head in water for 3 weeks following LASIK (four weeks for ocean).
  • No eye rubbing for three months following LASIK.
  • Wear your plastic goggles while sleeping for one week following LASIK.

You will need to arrange transportation for the day of your procedure. Private automobile or taxi is recommended. Please let our office know if you need assistance with transportation 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Now that you are on the path to clearer vision, it is extremely important to follow these directions:

  1. Upon leaving the Laser Center you will return home to rest with eyes closed for four hours.
  2. Wear your Plastic Eye Shields at bedtime for one week.
  3. Do not rub your eyes for three months.
  4. Do not submerge your head in water for three weeks (pool), four weeks (ocean).
  5. You may shower, wash your face and exercise beginning the next day.
  6. For women, do not wear eye make-up for one week.

Eye drop instructions:

  • Instill one drop of the anti-inflammatory
  • Wait five minutes
  • Instill one drop of the antibiotic
  • Repeat four times a day (approximately every four hours; however, using the drops on a more convenient schedule, such as at mealtimes and bedtime, is fine).

Following your LASIK procedure
Following LASIK, some patients may experience mild discomfort, tearing, and sensitivity to light for the first 24-48 hours. You will not have extreme pain. A clear shield is placed over the eye.
Following surgery, please go directly home and go to bed or lie on the couch with both eyes closed for four to five hours. It is best to try to sleep. After the four hours, you may remove the eye shields until you go to bed.

Beginning on the first day, you will use a drop with an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory drop, each four times a day for one week.

Additionally you may use a non-preserved artificial tear lubrication such as Genteal, Systane, Cellufresh, Refresh, Bion, or TheraTears. These drops will soothe and condition the front surface of the eye and promote not only comfort, but also healing. These will be used as needed following surgery.

You must sleep with the plastic shields every night for a week.

Do not expect excellent vision on the day of your procedure, as the cornea takes time to heal. The day after your surgery, your vision will be greatly improved. You may experience the following temporary side effects which can be normal after LASIK:

  • Dryness (4-6 Weeks).
  • Fluctuation in vision due to lack of hydration, hormones (women may notice a change in vision during cycles), normal corneal healing.
  • Halos and glare (2-4 Weeks).
  • One eye may heal faster than the other.
  • Dirty contact lens sensation.
  • For nearsighted patients, reading will be worse initially and will stabilize in the first month.
  • For farsighted patients, reading will be better at first and distance will be fuzzy. As your distance vision improves over the first month, those over "forty-something" will notice the need to return to reading glasses.
  • Most patients will notice a temporary "dip" in their vision at the one-week appointment as the cornea heals. Do not be alarmed, as your vision will improve during the next three months. If you experience increased redness, decreased vision, pain, or a white spot on the surface of your cornea, you must call Dr. Winthrop immediately.

If you experience any symptoms that concern you, please call Dr. Winthrop as soon as possible.
Office 805-963-4272
Cellular 805-451-2090

"For years I planted glasses in every room of my home. I finally tried contacts and they worked well for me but were also a bit of a nuisance. I had only hoped that with LASIK surgery my eyesight would be as good as it was with the contact lenses, but I was overwhelmed to find it so much better. Thank you, Dr. Winthrop, Jeff, and crew for making my experience so successful and so easy!"

– Dianne Young-Porinsh
Executive Director,
Breast Resource Center of Santa Barbara