Eddie L.

“I really like Dr. Winthrop. I’m grateful. He’s good people. His staff, his assistants are very punctual and respect your time. The little things add up to a really good experience.

I had some health issues and was treated with oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber which caused my eyes’ lenses to change. The changes crept up on me. I didn’t notice until my wife commented on my driving, which is something she has always done to some extent but she was more vocal than usual. I installed a panic button on the dashboard for her in lieu of screaming. She decided she would prefer to sleep through it but I saw her lips moving, I believe she was praying.

Seriously, though, you don’t know how bad the cataracts have gotten until you get the first eye done. It’s so amazing how the brain just adjusts for the handicap and pretty soon you’re nearly legally blind and you don’t know it!

My vision switched from far to near, but I found I could read. Really odd. The clinic with the hyperbaric chamber made no mention of the potential side effect to my vision but Dr. Winthrop knew about it. He said, ‘yeah, you’ve got 20/100 eyesight because of...’ well, he went on to explain it but the part I remember is when he said ‘we can fix it.’

He makes his suggestions about what kind of lens would work and says, ‘pick what is right for you, these are your choices.’ He councilled me but he urged me to read about it and make my own decision.

My uncle was an ophthalmalogist in Santa Barbara, one of the founding doctors of Samsum – he’s retired and in his 90s now – and he recommended Dr. Winthrop for cataracts.

I really like Dr. Winthrop. I’m grateful. He’s good people. His staff, his assistants are very punctual and respect your time. The little things add up to a really good experience.

It’s really great. Now I’m back to where I was, using readers but my far distance has improved dramatically and colors are more vibrant. My driving is now fine. I am going slow with the bathroom mirror, though, gotta sneak up on it. My mind has been making things up and the truth is out there!” ”

– Eddie L.

Steven E.

“After I had the first one done, I would cover one eye at a time and compare the difference. I feel like I went from black and white photography to color. I didn't realize what I was missing. Are colors really this bright? All the lights in the house are so bright! I always thought they needed to be brighter.

My optometrist would tell me to get my cataracts done and I would think, no, I'm ok. But actually, I had just gotten used to it. As humans, we adjust and adapt. It's just insidious – it happens hour by hour, day by day.Finally, I couldn't see freeway signs until I was right on top of it. My wife had already had cataract surgery with Dr. Winthrop, so it was my turn. She said, 'I'll bet you'll stop bumping into things!' She was right!

Dr. Winthrop is just such a lovely person and everyone at the Surgery Center is extremely kind. It's just been great. I opted to get distance vision and have an astigmatism corrected. Dr. Winthrop said he hadn't seen cataracts as hardened as mine in a long time. I could have had it done several years ago. It's a miracle really. I'm so happy to be living in the world today of lasers, ultrasound, and corrective lenses.

Now I've had both eyes done and I'm happier than I can tell you. It has a big emotional and psychological impact. I feel so much better.

So that's my message, don't wait like I did. If you get it done sooner you can enjoy it longer. And I would recommend Dr. Winthrop to anybody!" ”

– Steven E.

Patrick E.

“The start of the cataracts was detected by another eye doctor 4 or 5 years ago. Progressively over recent years it's gotten worse. So I decided to get an appointment with Dr. Winthrop. I'm nearly 80 and he said to me, 'you might as well enjoy good vision for as long as you can.' It's quite amazing. Not only did I get my cataracts removed, I got my vision slightly corrected. I had a slight astigmatism that I didn't wear glasses for and it was fixed completely by Dr. Winthrop.

Dr. Winthrop recommended we do the 2 eyes separately, so after getting my left eye sorted out, it was amazing how the vision in my left eye overtook the poor eye. Driving was easy. So I thought, even if my right eye doesn't turn out well, I still can see really well now. But when my right eye was done, after about a week, I could see even better with my right eye! So my vision is better than 20/20.

I must confess, also, I was somewhat worried to do the surgery. You think if it doesn't work, if I lose my vision...But the whole team there is so well organized. They give you all the information you need to make a proper decision. ”

– Patrick E.

Sara T.

“I was really happy with Dr. Winthrop's practice and in all his dealings with me he was such a super-caring doctor. He goes through everything really well.

I have astigmatism and was a contact lens wearer for about 40 years, but in the past 4 or 5 years I had to give them up and wear glasses, which I couldn’t get used to. I was only on my second pair of glasses when it was time for me to have cataract surgery. I've actually been looking forward to it! It's worth paying for the fancy lens, otherwise I would still have to wear glasses!

My vision is now excellent! It's taken away all of the struggle of multiple glasses and I can just pick up any old sunglasses and it doesn't matter much if I lose them. ”

– Sara T.

Karen P.

“I'm so happy that I had it done and I'd recommend it to anyone on the fence. It's just such a simple procedure today. It's not the ordeal my grandmother went through!

The procedure was so simple and quick. There was no pain associated with the surgery at all. Everyone in Dr. Winthrop's office was so nice and also at the surgical center. They were so reassuring.

It's made driving, playing golf, gardening...everything better. Before everything white was a cream color; now it's bright white and that happened right away. I had LASIK around 20 years ago but recently had begun wearing glasses again. After this cataract surgery, I don't need those anymore.

It's great. I have a huge rose garden and it's just beautiful right now. Pinks, reds, yellows – it's just beautiful.

Yesterday I was out on the golf course and every time I could find my ball – one huge plus for me!”

– Karen P.

Margaret K.

“Plenty of my friends have had cataract surgery and one of them interviewed three of the most prominent eye doctors in town and she said Dr. Winthrop was the one to use. Dr. Winthrop was more the perfectionist, which I think is a big positive when you're having something done to our eyes! And she was right – with Dr. Winthrop and Christian, it was top-notch all the way through. Everyone in the office knew their job and did it well.

The impact of cataracts on your driving, especially at night, is very limiting. I also had retinal issues, so removing the cataracts was so important. I stayed off the freeway altogether!”

– Margaret k.

Margaret W.

“Dr. Winthrop is really good about customizing your treatment for what you need. I have a different kind of lens in each eye and I can see close and far, only using 1.0 readers for really tiny things. The Santa Barbara Surgery Center is A1 first class. Dr. Winthrop is very attentive and caring. It wasn’t as scary as you might think – it only took 15 or 20 minutes and then it was over. Totally painless and everyone was really professional.

The first thing I noticed after my surgery was the color white! I never realized the color I was seeing all this time was never as white as it is now. Wow, my kitchen tile is so white, like ka-zow, it pops!

One bad thing I wish I had known…I found out I had more wrinkles. And of course dust and cobwebs. I know where all the spiders are now.

I play on a tennis team and now I can see the ball a lot sooner to prepare my next shot, so now I have no excuse! I can call lines a lot better and it feels like I have bionic eyes. No more bad calls for me!

When I ride my horse, I can really see the trails now (and can keep a better lookout for snakes). I can see the all the letters in a dressage arena for a change and I can untie knots and loosen buckles without switching to readers. So convenient! ”

– Margaret W.

Carol C.

“I just had my cataract surgery and it is even better than I expected! I am so extremely happy with my new eyesight. I had friends ask if I was worried about having it done and I told them, there was no doubt in my mind that everything would go well. I completely trust and believe in Dr. Winthrop. I was right and it is even better than I thought it would be.

I now realize all that I have been missing, especially in my yard! The flowers, leaves and the colors are amazing. I am also surprised that HD television looks so good, I had just been living without knowing the details I was missing.

I remember hearing people say as they got older they didn't like to drive as it got dark. Well, I finally was becoming one of those people realizing I couldn't even read street signs. After my surgery, my eyesight is once again amazing thanks to Dr. Winthrop!”

– Carol C.

Barry P.

“My wife and I were really impressed with Dr. Winthrop. He's been around for a long time, but he's still into the latest and greatest technology. The team at the eye center was also really great; both anesthesiologists (each eye done on a different schedule) were so great and made it really easy on me.

My optometrist had recommended a cataract specialist down south with a big office but I felt uncomfortable there. It felt like a big sales pitch. Then we consulted with Dr. Winthrop. I turned to my wife and said, "this is the guy." I was educated by that point and knew that what he was saying was right on. He knew just what I needed.

It's great – I ditched the distance glasses! Everything is so vivid! I can read subtitles again on the foreign films we like to watch.

I'm kind of a nervous person, but Dr. Winthrop and his staff brought my blood pressure down! ”

– Barry P.

Christine W.

“I consulted with Dr Winthrop and I’m so happy with the results. I can see more clearly and colors are so much brighter.

I’ve been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember. Worse, I had a very strong prescription and astigmatism. Now I literally have a new pair of eyes. I highly recommend Dr Winthrop for any eye issues you may have. ”

– Christine W.

Betsy A.

“I’m absolutely thrilled with the results of my cataract procedures…20/25 vision in less than a month! And the IOLs have built in UV protection. I use 1.25  ‘readers’ for small print. 

Dr. Winthrop listened to me, made his recommendation, but never pushed to make a sale. After meeting him, I knew he was the surgeon for me; I was ready to schedule and get it done. Also his staff is efficient and answered all my questions. No regrets here.”

– Betsy A.

Andy S.

“Cataracts rob you of your vision incrementally until everything is sepia toned and you become unable to drive at night. After you have the procedure, you realize how vibrant colors are.

What Doctor Winthrop offers you is something that glasses simply can't do. You get new lenses in your eyes – in my case, correcting an astigmatism – it's amazing. The procedure is miraculous and in the skilled hands of Dr. Winthrop it's not a problem.

If you have the feeling that your eyes need attention, move into the process; the process is not difficult. These are people of integrity, they will tell you what you need to do.

I knew Doctor Winthrop years ago when I taught his daughter, who is a lovely person, and then through my wife's cataract surgery. I knew who I wanted to see when I realized I needed it too.

It's a gift and we enjoy the gift every day.”

– Andy S.

Mona R.

“The surgery was pretty easy. Everyone was great. They walked me through the steps and it happened just like they said. My husband had his cataracts taken care of by Dr. Winthrop about a month before I did, so I knew what to expect. All I needed to do for recovery was use eye drops. The only glasses I need now are drug-store readers! Everything is amazing and so bright! White is really white.

I used to have such great distance vision but that started changing a couple of years ago. Lately I've had glasses all over the house: different glasses for driving, TV, and reading. But none of them were working anymore...everything was blurry! Lights at night looked very strange and I couldn't make out the icons on my smart phone. Looking at someone across a table, their face would be blurry.

I went to the optometrist for new glasses but she said, Don't bother to get new glasses, you probably won't even need them once you have cataract surgery. That was a nice of her and she was right! ”

– Mona R.

Greg T.

“It was fantastic. Dr. Winthrop made cataract surgery very easy and his staff was very pleasant. You’re home in a half hour!

Dr. Winthrop had been keeping me appraised of my cataracts during yearly exams. When the time came, they told me what the appropriate lenses for me were and that’s what I got. I couldn’t get the tri-lens because of my astigmatism, but the lenses I got corrected the astigmatism so now my distance vision is 20/20. All I need now are common readers.

How much brighter and bluer the world is! ”

– Greg T.

Pat S.

“When you're aging and getting older, there are a lot of changes you can't reverse, but this is one! I plan to live a long life and that's why I invested in Dr. Winthrop. Seeing well gives you such a lift!

I didn't know how bad my cataracts had gotten because I was so busy. I was having trouble seeing but I thought it was eye strain from too much screen time. Driving at night was difficult – I would see halos. Then one day I couldn't see my grandson across the gym floor during his basketball game. Fluorescent lights in big-box stores also made my vision worse.

I had a physical exam and I couldn't even read the biggest letters on the eye chart! Now that I've had cataract surgery with corrective lenses, I can read every line and even the tiniest letters on the near-vision card.

Before cataract surgery, I was layering glasses to be able to see well enough to play tennis. This morning, I was out playing and it was great to see so well without any glasses at all!

And I didn't realize that I had lost colors! When I had the first eye done I could compare the vision difference between my two eyes and it was a surprise how brownish my vision with cataracts was. Now I can see that the sky is very, very blue!"”

– Pat S.

Stephanie F.

“The procedure itself was like going to a spa! Dr. Winthrop and his staff were terrific! I was treated so well. I highly recommend them. Thank you, Dr. Winthrop!

I was using readers that were a 3-magnification, I couldn't see colors right, and I actually wondered if the lightbulbs had been changed to a low wattage. But I had no idea I needed cataract surgery until I saw my optometrist. He referred me to Dr. Winthrop.

Everything is bright and clear now! I don’t even need to wear glasses anymore!”

– Stephanie F.

Robert B.

“I'm now seeing my world anew in incredible high-definition technicolor! The details are amazingly beautiful and the world is suffused with light. Best of all, I'm thrilled I don't have to constantly take my glasses on and off doing Iyengar Yoga classes every morning!

Since I was 10 years old, I've worn heavy-duty prescription eyeglasses. Fast forward to 70 years old, my vision was like looking through a thick film of vaseline. As a handyman it was difficult to do certain work tasks, not to mention everyday driving. I was knocking over and spilling things – my wife was getting tired of cleaning up after me.

Dr. Winthrop did my cataracts with lenses, my eyes healed quickly and at my post-op check it felt like a miracle that I could read the entire bottom of the eye chart. My vision is close to 20/20. The whole staff and surgery team are cheerful, compassionate and you can tell they respect and enjoy working with Dr. Winthrop. I find him to be an exacting, highly professional, detail-oriented, caring eye surgeon dedicated to his patients. ”

– Robert B.

Pam P.

“When it comes to cataract surgery, I think some people settle because they forget what it's like to not wear glasses. This is an amazing gift to see without glasses and better than I did with them. The surgery was painfree, nothing to it. I never felt a thing. There's been no downside at all. It's just all great.

I can see color! I keep a rose garden so color is important to me. As I'm sewing this jacket, I can see the bright and subtle colors of the the thread on the fabric. I had multi-focal lenses put in, so I can even thread a needle!

I play piano and now I can see the music without stupid glasses! It was always something...glare, the light wasn't right, my focus from music to keyboard was too slow. Now with my new eyes I just play with no issues.

My 3-year-old grandson was always taking my glass off, saying 'let me see your eyes.' I know he was just seeing the glare off my glasses, so that was a big motivator to get rid of them. Now we can get eye to eye. ”

– Pam P.

Simon K

“Driving at night had become difficult, but I didn't realize just how clouded my vision was until I had it fixed. What a difference!

A couple of things that were very attractive to me: no longer needing glasses to drive and the stent for glaucoma pressure relief that Dr. Winthrop put in during my cataract surgery. The stent is so small, I don't feel a thing.

I was impressed with Dr Winthrop's knowledge, experience and thoroughness. I would highly recommend him to others considering eye surgery. I'm pleased to report that using both my eyes I'm 20/20 now.”

– Simon K.

Cathy P

“It is fantastic! I'm going on a trip for the first time wiithout carrying 3 different pairs of glasses. The trip is going to be exciting with these brand new eye balls! I had my vision corrected for distance and astigmatism.

I've seen Dr. Winthrop for over 40 years on and off through various work insurance changes, for an eye condition I have called iritis. I actually didn't realize how bad my cataracts had gotten because they came on so slowly but I went back to Dr. Winthrop when I knew it was time to take care of them.

Recently, I was talking to a couple of friends, one of whom had just had cataract surgery and gotten premium lenses but she wasn't happy with the results. I said that I had also just had it, it was really great, and that Dr. Winthrop had done it for me. Our other friend said, 'See? That's the difference!'

It is so nice to be unencumbered! And it seemed like I was always replacing expensive prescription glasses, sunglasses in particular. It is so worth it!”

– Cathy P.

Becka C.

“After cataract surgery, my vision went from a dim, yellow-grey tinge to complete clarity with bright colors. On a scale of 1-10, it went from a 4 to an 11!

My closeup reading went pretty early, in my 30s. I think I strained my eyes doing jewelry work. Around 2004, my distance vision went too and I started wearing glasses. About 5 years later my night vision became a problem and dimly lit rooms were difficult for me. 4 or 5 years ago an eye doctor told me that I was getting cataracts.

I went to Dr. Winthrop to talk about it. I decided to go with the top-of-the-line lenses that were multi-focal. I really wanted to not ever need glasses. I've been used to wearing progressive lens glasses so I thought similar IOLs would work for me. I have a friend who did monovision, but I don't think I would like that. I like seeing all distances really well. It's a good idea to talk to Dr. Winthrop about your vision needs because he can really counsel you on what kind of a lens you would be happiest with.

When my first eye was done, I was shocked! I was not expecting the clarity of color and brightness! I covered my good eye to see the difference...there was yellow-grey tinge to everything because of the cataract. The surgery was so simple: you don't need to wear a patch, you just use an eye drop for awhile before and after. Dr. Winthrop has got the latest tools so it's state of the art.

Living with this new multi-focal lens is interesting. It's not really the same as a progressive lens in glasses because I don't have to hold my head a certain way to see close – I just look at something and I can see it, close or far. If there is a bright light in the dark I will see a light ring around it; I think this is the slight edge of the different focal lengths in the lens. But it's not a big deal to me. I can see the stars perfectly. To me it is absolutely worth paying for the upgrade to the multi-focal lens. This is your body! It's so important, the ability to see.

I was an interior designer for almost 40 years but now I do a lot of writing and I was concerned I'd need some kind of readers but no, I don't need readers. I can read even tiny type on my phone. I now have a new super power. That's how it feels! ”

– Becka C.

Wayne H

“I felt so taken care of by Dr. Winthrop and his team from the moment I pulled into the Surgery Center parking lot until I was sitting back in my car after the surgery. Wow. Not to mention how well my vision was improved by my new lenses, especially my night vision and my distance vision. I did not know what details that I had been missing.

When it's time to choose one of the lenses for your IOL it's kind of confusing and you feel like you have to get it right. I talked with Dr. Winthrop and he helped me choose the lens that I would be happy with. Thank you Dr Winthrop and thank you to all of your staff both at the Santa Barbara Surgery Center and your staff at your practice. I really felt like a VIP. ”

– Wayne H.

Bob G

“It’s breathtaking. It was like going from a black and white TV to the highest resolution color TV you could imagine. It was so moving to my wife and me – we feel that everyone should have the right to eyesight so we are donating to SEE International.

It really changes your visual world. You can tell that Dr. Winthrop really enjoys helping people and the results he gets for those people.

I had cataracts that advanced very quickly until it was like looking through bubble wrap. We recently moved to Alisal Ranch from Dana Point and asked around about the best eye doctor. Friends recommended Dr. Winthrop. While my wife was getting her vaccination we asked the doctor on site what he thought of Dr. Winthrop? It so happened that Dr. Winthrop had done procedures on a number of his family members, giving him the highest endorsement.

The surgery was a pleasant experience and with Dr. Winthrop’s knowledge I knew I was in great hands. After they were both done, 20/15 vision was the result.”

– Bob G.

Eric S

“Now I'm like a kid seeing for the first time! I went to the rose garden and a nursery to look at flowers, went to the beach to look at rocks, walked on trails in Santa Ynez...I even bought new shoes because I'm walking differently – faster, more upbeat. There's so much you don't think about! I'm no longer grabbing handrails to carefully make my way down stairs. Driving is fun again. And people said that I would be seeing colors better but I didn't believe them. But it's true!

I'm 4th generation Santa Barbara, sold real estate for 40 years and then I moved to Mexico to try something new. I bought an old shrimp/fish packing factory on Isla Mujeres and turned it into a hotel and marina @elmilagrobeachhotelandmarina.

I was getting pretty bad cataracts and since Dr. Winthrop did eye surgery for me 30 years ago, there was no question that I would come back to him for cataract surgery. But it was terrifying to come from my little island to LAX and drive up the 405 and 101 in a rental car with my bad eyes!

When your eyes get bad you're always concentrating to see and your brain is working hard. You do it more than you realize and it makes you so tired. Here is the best description of cataracts, it's like driving a car with a dirty windshield that keeps getting dirtier and dirtier. It happens so gradually that you don't realize how bad it's gotten. And cataract surgery is like someone cleaning the glass. As soon as the 'glass is clean' you start seeing clearly again, like the next morning, no pain pills, no patches... nothing – just a pair of new non-prescription sunglasses. Simply amazing!

Being in the hotel business, I know what good service should be and I got it at Dr. Winthrop's office and at the surgery center. Everyone was so nice. People think that doctors want to sell you the most expensive thing, but when Dr. Winthrop examined me for over an hour with many different piece of high-end equipment, he recommended a lens (IOL) that was not the most expensive but it was the best one for me. What a great team Dr. Winthrop has established, many of them being there for years. ”

– Eric S.

Stu S

“After cataract surgery with multifocal IOLs, the most significant, impactful alteration to my life is being able to read even the tiniest print without reading glasses. From reading product labels at the grocery store to reading books, it's been fabulous!

My reading vision had progressively worsened and I became increasingly frustrated.  I needed prescription glasses for driving and then intermittently I needed to use regular magnifying readers. Then I needed the reading magnifiers for almost all reading and computer usage.  I carried a credit card size magnifier in my wallet to be able to read product labels at the grocery store.  In recent months, I couldn't see the symbols on the TV remote without using magnifier glasses.

In the evening of the day of the procedure for my left eye, I was using my computer! No eyepatch, no need to rest the eye!  One week later, I received the same procedure for my right eye, and used my computer that evening.  I immediately acquired vastly improved reading vision following the second surgery.  After an adjustment period of a few weeks, I acquired even better reading clarity.  At my post-op appointment, I was told that a good result was reading print size 4 on the hand-held text eye chart.  I easily read print size 2.  At a follow-up appointment several weeks later, I read the very tiny print size 1.  I am delighted to re-acquire, after several decades, the ability to read small print unaided.

My vision is now excellent at every distance.  The ease of reading anything and discerning tiny symbols on electronic devices without needing magnifiers is very, very pleasing. I am thrilled to possess clear unaided reading vision. ”

– Stu S.


“I can’t believe I just sailed through it! I was back to business as usual right away. I highly recommend it! I love it. Now I just need readers for reading. It’s great.

My vision was gradually getting worse. I wasn’t comfortable driving at night anymore, my eyes felt very tired. The lights from the cars ahead gave a scattered effect. I couldn’t even read the top line of the chart without glasses, so I was really looking forward to getting it done.

Dr. Winthrop showed me the options, and I chose the Toric monofocal IOL because I had astigmatism too and I wanted to improve my distance vision.

“I can see clearly now…” you know that song. That’s my song! My girlfriends tell me I’m the poster child for cataract surgery. The colors are so vibrant, it’s astounding! I can see freckles I didn’t know I had! It’s so nice not to be reliant on glasses. It’s very freeing. ”

– Martha H.


“I kept on thinking my glasses were dirty, so I kept on cleaning both my sunglasses, but then I realized my other glasses were dirty, too, and it got foggier and foggier... I thought there was something wrong with my glasses. I took them in to my regular eye doctor. He said, ‘No, there’s nothing wrong with your glasses.’ Then he checked my eyes and said, ‘You are ready for cataract surgery.’ So he sent me to Dr. Winthrop.

I was in shock when I went to my regular eye doctor right after surgery to find out I have 20/20 vision. Absolutely amazing. 

The most interesting improvement was the introduction of color. Color is richer!”

– Larry P.

Julie C.

“The next day, it was amazing. I could see leaves on the trees and I hadn’t been able to see that since I got my first pair of glasses when I was in high school. It was absolutely amazing.

I was very nervous and being in the medical field, I was concerned about surgery on my eyes. I was really worried about losing my vision. The first person that came to mind for my cataract surgery was Dr. Winthrop. And I made an appointment and he reassured me that having surgery with him was going to be very simple, very short.”

– Julie C.


“I noticed over time with my vision was that it was getting to be very glary early in the morning and in the evening when the sun is low in the sky. The glare was really beginning to be a problem. I would like to thank Dr. Winthrop for the operation he performed on both my eyes. It's really added a lot to my capabilities in both tennis and flying.

My vision is back the way it was when I was in high school. I started losing some of my vision in my second year of college. This has now improved my life a great deal by having 20/20 vision in both eyes.

Playing tennis, I can see the ball much better and I can see the lines much better. The lines used to look curvy. I thought at one point my TV was going bad because it looked curved. It turns out it was curved because of my vision. So this has been a great improvement for me.

Cataract surgery has greatly improved my vision for flying. I no longer get blinded by the glare so much and I can see the instrument panel much better. It makes it much more enjoyable and I can spend more time looking out the windows at the scenery...and also for aircraft.

– C. Vernon H.

Jan R.

“I did not expect to have better than twenty-twenty vision with no glasses. I mean, this was fabulous!

This was the best. It was like a major miracle. I live in Santa Ynez, out in the country. I woke up in the morning and I went, “Oh! There are trees on that hill!” I mean, I saw things I had not seen before!

I had to stop needlepoint a long time ago. I couldn’t see well enough to do it, but now I can. So now I can do whatever I want to do. It’s very nice.”

– Jan R.

“Dear Doctor Winthrop, Staff and Surgery Center Staff,
May I thank you all for a superior level of kindness, expertise, and technology before, during and after my double cataract surgery? The surgery team follow up was beyond kindness and competence.

There was minimal pain, discomfort and anxiety, which by day three after each operation I could see with a distinct level of improvement, color and definition, a definite improvement over my prior sight with glasses. For senior citizens this is nothing short of a miracle and treasured.

As a professional, now retired, I designed, developed and manufactured medical instrumentation for Beckman Instruments, Bennett Respiration Products Inc. and Baird Corp. The speed at which the scientific world has advanced, supported the art of medicine and the advancement of medical knowledge is clearly framed by procedures like Lasik, especially the doctors, staff and instrumentation. My gratitude and appreciation is based on a lifetime of thoughtful experience. This is a very great country we live in.

It was the superb prior experience with Dr. Winthrop of a family member that made the final decisions surrounding the surgery selection easy. This is the value of an excellent reputation. I will pass on the benefits of recommendations deserved by these similar experience attributes, if the occasion should ever arise. Thank you.

– Donald S.
Manhattan Beach, CA

“Thank you, Dr. Winthrop! I could not have wished for anything better! My vision is now excellent – everything is clearer, more detailed, brighter and more colorful! I can now see my golf ball and even read the newspaper!

The Santa Barbara Surgery Center was friendly, professional and caring! The doctors and nurses were top notch! Dr. Winthrop was professional and his nurses consistent and caring! The center follows up by calling you to 'check in' to see how you are doing!”

– Patti G.