Scott S.

“I’ve got unbelievable vision now, and finally it's been enough time since my procedure that I can surf tomorrow! I've always worn contacts for this, but they've rarely felt comfortable. Plus, I've had to keep my eyes closed tight when I'm in the water and also pray the contacts don't accidentally come out – something that's happened multiple times. Tomorrow I get to open my eyes underwater and see what that’s like!

It may sound like a small thing, but I can’t get over being able to see in the shower and first thing in the morning when I wake up! I’ve also got full peripheral vision now that I don't have glasses frames and lack of lenses in these areas.

My decision to do LASIK now came down to a number of factors. I’d been considering LASIK loosely for quite a while up until some co-workers told me about their LASIK. Hearing about their experiences really made me understand how life-changing this procedure is and why I needed to start strongly considering having it done. Considering I’m going to be moving to Oregon soon it seemed like the right time. I can take the cold, but raindrops on glasses drive me absolutely nuts! Also, after wearing glasses and contacts for so many years, I was staring down the barrel of needing to buy a new set of glasses and contacts, so I thought I’d invest in LASIK instead – an investment that would last much longer than investing in glasses and contacts which I'd have to do over and over throughout my lifetime.

Once I decided to do it, it was time to find a doctor. Dr. Winthrop was recommended to me by one of my co-workers and in speaking with some other folks, they confirmed that Dr. Winthrop was the best in town. I really appreciate the professionalism of everyone in Dr. Winthrop’s office. It was very comforting knowing I was in good hands. The machine definitely counts for something too, so it was great to know he uses the newest and best LASIK technology out there.”

– Scott S.

Melissa C.

“I was originally referred to a different doctor but when I went to make an appointment I felt unsure about what would be happening. I know several people who had LASIK done by Dr. Winthrop so I called his office. What a difference! I got so much information upfront and I knew what would be happening at each appointment.

Christian was really helpful on my first exam. Oh my gosh, I love Claudia! On the day of the surgery she was wonderful. She cared about me as a person and put me at ease with her personal interest in me. Dr. Winthrop was very calming and informative before, during, and after the procedure. Everyone was very straightforward, efficient, and helpful but in a very human way. Someone rested their hand on my arm during the procedure which was a nice personal touch.

I wore hard contact lenses with a strong prescription so I got Contoura, which is optional but seemed like a good idea. For the past couple of years my contacts have felt like I had something in my eye and they started to pop out. I'm a teacher and it's really important not having to worry about contacts popping out. I've had one pop out and a student stepped on it! I tried soft lenses but my vision wasn't as crisp, causing frustration and headaches.

I enjoy hiking and it's really great now! I swear I can see trees that I didn't see before. It's really expanded my enjoyment. If you wear hard lenses, you know how annoying it is if you get dirt in your eye or they go off center and you're out hiking with dirty hands.

Everyone always says they love waking up being able to see, but the weirdest part for me is going to bed being able to see! I'm used to getting ready for bed and having everything go blurry but now my world continues to stay clear!”

– Melissa C.

Sophie B.

“Not having to worry about multiple pairs of glasses anymore…it’s great and sometimes I forget that I don’t need to worry about them anymore!

My LASIK procedure was delayed quite a while because of COVID. Meanwhile, Dr. Winthrop now has the latest LASIK system, Wavelight EX500 with CONTOURA Vision. This uses a next level guidance system that uses a formula unique to your eyes. I feel comfortable with Dr. Winthrop, and I know he has a great reputation in town – I spoke to several physicians who know and recommend him. I wanted to ensure the best possible LASIK outcome, so it made sense to see the best doctor with the best system.

I really like the way Dr. Winthrop always asks what questions I have. It is so nice to have an open opportunity to ask question, no matter how stupid they feel, directly to the doctor!”

– Sophie B.

Brian N.

“There was no pain in the surgery. Immediately after my LASIK procedure I could see better than I ever had before. Even with contacts!

I did judo throughout my youth and picked up Jiu Jitsu as adult. Jiu Jitsu is now a big part of my life. A year or so ago I started wearing contacts so that I could see people's faces in the gym. Contacts would get blurry and I would be blinking constantly to clear my vision. I only wore them part time for sports so they were always in and out, needing care and cleaning.

My brother got LASIK a few years ago from Dr. Winthrop with great results. So of course I was considering it for myself since then, but I had to wait until I was sure my prescription was stable.”

– Brian N.

Victoria R.

“I am always on the go – whether it's going to the gym very early in the morning, spending time walking/running/biking outdoors, playing tennis/pickleball, or traveling the world – so having to rely on my contacts and/or glasses felt limiting. It sounds silly but parts of my life felt controlled by my vision. I always wanted to be free of this and finally decided to get LASIK.

My main concern was choosing a doctor I felt comfortable with. I heard wonderful things about Dr. Winthrop and decided to book a consultation with him. His associate Christian helped with the initial consultation, spent a significant amount of time analyzing my eyes, and made me feel excited about LASIK. Dr. Winthrop was very thorough, answered all questions and was never "pushy" as some doctors can be. It felt like it was 100% my choice and I was never being pushed into doing it. I felt completely at ease with Dr. Winthrop's knowledge and expertise.

The procedure was incredibly easy with no pain or discomfort. I was amazed at truly how quick it was. I think I spent a total of 45 minutes in the office, and it was only about 5-10 in the operating room, with the actual "lasering" about 3 seconds. I know LASIK is scary for many people, but you really don't even have time to be nervous because it's over before you know it. Dr. Winthrop, Christian and his associates were so kind throughout the procedure and had excellent bedside manner. I also sincerely appreciate that Dr. Winthrop gives his direct phone number to you in case you have questions and that he follows up with each patient on the same day of the procedure. Within 24 hours, I had 20/20 vision!

I finally feel free and able to go about my life without having to remember my contacts and glasses. It really does feel life-changing in many ways. First, I have experienced fewer headaches which is a huge win for me. Secondly, being able to wake up and just go about my day is really nice. Lastly and most importantly, as a woman living in a big city, I am extremely vigilant but unfortunately, even with my contacts, my vision wasn't perfect. I felt nervous about being out and not being able to see clearly, but with my new eyes post-LASIK, I feel confident to walk around freely knowing I can see far distances and very clearly. My sight is so crisp, I've truly never been able to see this good!

I can't stop telling people about it and how life-changing it has been for me. I feel so free!”

– Victoria R.

Pranav S.

“Getting LASIK done was a total game changer! It’s like I’m wearing contact lenses, but best of all – it’s actually my eyes! I’m proud that I can finally say goodbye to the daily hassle of dealing with contacts. Thank you Dr. Winthrop!”

– Pranav S.

Jackson S.

“As I was looking for somewhere to do my LASIK procedure, I found Dr. Winthrop had great reviews and his specialty was the cornea, so I was interested. After the consultation I knew it was the right choice because of his extensive experience and the state-of-the-art technology in his LASIK suite.

I was a little anxious on the day of the procedure, but it was super quick and painless. I was surprised that, despite my high prescription, I was already seeing better than contacts the evening after the procedure. In the week since the procedure, my vision has settled to 20/20, and I couldn't be happier with my decision!”

– Jackson S.

Melissa C.

“Contacts gave me dry eyes which impacted me in so many ways. In my work as a physical therapist, I always wore my glasses so that I could focus on my patients' needs. At home, pet allergies and contacts were a terrible combination. My husband and I skydive and freedive and it's always been a fear in the background that I would lose a contact doing one of these things.

I was treated as a guest by all staff at Dr. Winthrop’s office and have recommended him to family, friends and patients! Your eyes are precious and there’s nobody but Dr. Winthrop that I would have trusted with my eyes.

It's been a week since I got LASIK. Later that very day I was fine to drive and I was 20/20 the next day. I healed really well and quickly. I had a nice little ceremony for my glasses and contacts as I dropped them right into the trash!

Thank you, Dr. Winthrop!”

– Melissa C.

Ashley P.

“We're a LASIK family. My husband Harry got it last year. As our small kids are getting a little older, this year I was ready to take a little more time for self care and the first thing I thought of was LASIK. My vision wasn’t as bad Harry's was and I never have worn contacts, but I was ready to be free of the discomfort of glasses.

I love not having to bother with glasses. I don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring them places or about them being bumped and pulled by my energetic kids. I wish I had done it before the little toddler hands were coming!

Now I see 20/20. My husband has 20/15. After having such a strong prescription prior to LASIK, he is having fun being the family member with the best vision now!

Thanks Dr. Winthrop and team for taking such great care of us!”

– Ashley P.

Christina V.

“It was so fast! And just like that, all of those years of not being able to see were over. My whole life was completely changed. In the blink of an eye, I have my vision.

As soon as Dr. Winthrop did the surgery and they moved me to the exam room I could clearly see his face. I was so surprised, I said, 'Oh my god, I can see you!'

I think I can see better now that I did with glasses and contacts; I wish I had done it sooner. It's a daily pleasure being able to see clearly when I wake up!”

– Christina V.

Leslene S.

“I got PRK, also known as Photorefractive Keratectomy surgery and I am extremely happy. I love being able to wake up in the morning with 20/20 vision. Dr. Winthrop discovered that I have thin corneas and that means I could not have LASIK. But PRK has exactly the same results as LASIK.

I am so happy that I now have perfect vision. I was so hindered before. I can live every day without the discomfort of dry contacts. In fact, my contacts caused me more discomfort on a daily basis than the procedure did!

My life has improved immensely and I am so thankful for Dr. Winthrop!”

– Leslene S.

Morgan K

“My parents went to Dr. Winthrop 15 or 20 years ago, so I heard about LASIK growing up and I was set on it for myself as soon as my prescription stabilized and I could get it.

The day after, my vision was 20/20 and now it’s even better. I’m very happy with the results and within 3 weeks I was starting to forget about it… then I would try to push my glasses up my nose. Nothing there!

I’ve always had a very active lifestyle and had switched between glasses, contacts, and not seeing. Now, I can run without glasses bouncing around down my sweaty nose. I’ll be able to open my eyes under water surfing. All water sports are going to be so much better now.

I definitely recommend LASIK to anyone who it’s a fit for. The sooner you do it the sooner you can enjoy it. 5-10 years it will pay for itself. It was such an enhancement to my quality of life. Whatever the circumstances, it’s worth doing. ”

– Morgan K.

Joseph I.

“I really enjoyed the procedure; I'd even say it was really fun for me! It was almost too easy of an experience considering the dramatic way it changed my life.

Everyone in Dr. Winthrop's office is so nice. Christian is awesome, too – we talked a lot about music and he related LASIK to a light show at the Santa Barbara Bowl and that got me even more excited about the procedure! I felt really well-informed going into it and I appreciate that Dr. Winthrop walked me through everything as it happened.

I really wasn't nervous about getting the procedure...not seeing is much more unsettling! I wore contacts 99% of the time for the last 19 years – my prescription was strong and I didn't want to wear coke-bottle glasses like I had been since I was 8! So now, no more being uncomfortable, no irritation, no contacts popping out – all the hassles of contacts are over!

I can't wait to see while swimming - with LASIK, I won't have to worry about losing a contact lens in the ocean or having the chlorine in a pool ruin my contacts! I had a crazy experience in high school at Zuma Beach where all my friends caught a wave in, and while I was waiting for the next set, a big shadow came swimming up to me. Without my glasses on, I was sure it was a shark, but thankfully a really loud sea lion popped its head out of the water and barked at me! I'm not saying LASIK will save you from sharks, but at least with LASIK you just might have a better chance of seeing them coming... well, it's still probably 50/50, despite the 20/20!

My biggest motivation, though, is that I just got married this year and as we look to start a family, I want to be ready to wake up and jump out of bed at a moment's notice. Whether it's for a crying baby or in an emergency, I'm so glad I won't have to fumble around for my glasses on the bedside table anymore!" ”

– Joseph I.

Danika G.

“I would love to tell people who are thinking about LASIK: don't hesitate! Once you reach the age where your vision settles, do it! It's the greatest gift I've ever given myself and Dr. Winthrop went above and beyond my expectations. I just had my one-month post-op visit and I'm seeing 20/15!

I love water, hiking, spending time outside but I never knew when I might have an issue with my contacts or glasses. So there were activities that I would avoid (once I dropped my glasses in the ocean on a trip!)

Now a whole world of opportunity with outdoor activities has opened up to me. I just got back from a visit to Washington and it was my first big trip without contacts or glasses! For the first time in my life, I was able to go under water and fully enjoy our lakeside cabin.

I feel like a Super Hero! Let me know if you need help reading something! ”

– Danika G.

Alex R.

“I'm from San Luis Obispo, and had been browsing the internet for a LASIK Doctor. I hadn't found any gleaming reviews until I set my search wider and found Dr. Winthrop in Santa Barbara. Dr. Winthrop and his staff took excellent care of me, and quickly put all of my worries about LASIK at ease. The surgery was extremely quick and painless as well as the recovery. I was back to normal the exact same day. This made the drive well worth the amazing care!

I am now utilizing my 20/15 vision both at work as an electrical engineer on small electronics which often requires a microscope, and in my hobbies. My main motivation for getting it done was because my glasses were taking away much of the enjoyment in riding motorcycles. Fumbling to adjust your glasses inside of your helmet, as well as having them fog up from your breath was a pain. With contacts, my eyes would get fatigued and dry after an hour or so. My dad and I recently went riding down to San Diego and it was a much more pleasant experience. It was an absolute game changer for me. If you are waiting to pull the trigger on LASIK, this is your sign to get it done, and make sure you send Dr. Winthrop my regards!”

– Alex R.

Jason L.

“It's pretty spectacular to go from 20/400 to 20/20. The color was very different, more vibrant, I suppose because I don't have this intermediary between me and the world.

We are starting our family, and I think infant care in the middle of the night will be a lot easier with good vision.

I'm really looking forward to camping with no contacts or glasses.”

– Jason L.

Amy C.

“I had been back and forth for years about getting LASIK but I struggled daily with vision. Then I talked to my mom. She had LASIK with Dr. Winthrop 20 years ago and loved him. Her vision is still great and she says it was the best thing she ever did. She gave me the confidence to go ahead with LASIK.

My day-to-day vision was blurry, but really, it was the astigmatism that bothered me. I couldn't safely drive at night. Bright lights were magnified – all headlights seemed like high beams. Now that I've had LASIK, being able to drive at night now is so great! Apparently, my vision is better than 20/20. I have a super power!”

– Amy C.

Nick K.

“In the last 2 years I've made 5 different appointments for LASIK consultations with other clinics and not one of them made me comfortable. Dr. Winthrop's office couldn't have been more different!

I had thought a bigger city would be better but actually now I think that's where the competition comes in and they cut prices so they can't give their patients the time or the special touch. Plus they were either too graphic or too non-chalant.

I'm a traveling nurse and I've been here at Cottage about a year. Everybody that I've talked to either knew Dr. Winthrop personally or knew of him and they all said good things. This was the only LASIK consultation where I actually met the doctor and he spent time answering my questions!

The whole staff has a laid-back demeanor, yet professional and knowledgeable. That's one thing that really got me...when I went in to the actual procedure in his private LASIK suite, all the staff members had a role! I felt like Dorothy after Oz : 'and you were there, and you, and you..." :) Someone actually reached out and touched my arm during the procedure and I was surprised at how comforting that was.

There's no substitute for the human touch!”

– Nick K.

Kelly G.

“LASIK was a gift from my parents. The stipulation was that it had to be with Dr. Winthrop. My dad had gotten LASIK with someone else years ago but they messed up and Dr. Winthrop fixed it. My mom and one of my grandfathers also see Dr. Winthrop.

Christmas last year was different because I got COVID. I waved to my family through their window and they left gifts for me outside. I opened a card and it said 'LASIK with Dr. Winthrop.' Best Christmas gift ever!”

– Kelly G.

Alyssa A.

“LASIK with Dr. Winthrop was a really awesome experience. I'd done consultations with other doctors in Nevada and LA but I never felt comfortable enough until I met with him. Amazingly helpful staff!

I had astigmatism in both eyes and couldn't do contacts. I was one of those people who, if I didn't have my glasses I couldn't hear, lol. My whole life was there in this little object, my glasses. That kind of dependence does not go well with family life.

We like to go to Yosemite, but I really couldn’t go In the water and be able to see my kids having fun or get in on the fun without my glasses getting wet. What if they get lost or broken? It really affected my ability to enjoy myself. 

Dr. Winthrop explained the whole procedure very clearly. Another thing I really loved about him – he's very straight to the point. His advanced technology also made me more confident. Christian, Peggy, and Claudia in Dr. Winthrop's office were so amazing and helpful. Christian did exams and explained even more to me, Peggy helped me with financing, and Claudia led me into the procedure and stayed with me through it.

The timeframe was so surprising. It's only been a couple of days and I just go about my business! Everyone at work was so surprised to see me back so soon.

I've lived with bad eyesight for so long, I still can't believe what I can see now. We drove to Santa Maria the other day and wow, I had never really seen clouds before! The way they move, and their outlining. I can finally see clouds the way everyone sees them.”

– Alyssa A.

Sean S.

“As an active person I can’t believe I waited this long to get LASIK! Now I no longer have to worry about my glasses or contacts before heading out for a day on the water and can instead focus on having fun.

My vision is now perfect and Dr. Winthrop made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. With gratitude!”

– Sean S.

Kellie W.

“I have a 1-year old and a 5-year old. I'm able to respond to them a lot faster at night now that I don't need contacts or glasses to see. It's been a game-changer on camping trips, too.

Not to mention the views here in Santa Barbara. I've been missing a lot of things. When I'm driving around I notice a lot more details. It's like I see...faster! I think there's a bit of a lag time when your vision isn't good.

During the recent electric storm it was great to have 20/20 vision to take in the sight!”

– Kellie W.

Beto and Robin T.

“The hardest part was the wait between getting the green light and getting the actual surgery! I didn't need to take time off of work. The whole team turned out to be very professional, with detailed explanations step by step during the procedure. I'd do it again! I've never experienced a doctor like this before. I was able to reach out directly to him on his cell phone. Recovery was the day of the procedure and I drove to the followup the next day.

Beto: I work at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Lab as lead phlebotomist. I work the night shift and glasses and masks for Covid were difficult. I can't wear contacts at work because the recirculated air is dry and there's too much biohazard to be tending to your eyes. I'd been told in the past by other eye doctors that I was not a candidate for LASIK because of my astigmatism, but my fiancée Robyn had been encouraging me to look into LASIK again.

Robyn: I worried about him because his glasses made it hard to get a good seal with his mask. He has to go into containment areas to take care of patients.

Beto: This year, because of Covid, we didn't take our usual vacation trip so we had a number of days off. We looked online and found there was a LASIK pioneer and expert right here in Santa Barbara, Dr. Winthrop! We thought we'd have to go to L.A. So we checked out his social media and his website, looking into his technology. I went in for the free LASIK exam and Dr. Winthrop told me that with the new technology I was now a candidate.

Robyn: His vision is better now than it ever was with glasses.

Beto: It feels different now. A whole new world...a quality of life I've never had before. You know those videos where a baby wears glasses for the first time? It's like that for me. How can I explain it? There's just...more. Patterns, brightness, vivid colors, details. Peripheral vision is an added bonus. That's something that's new to me! Blossoms on trees, reflections on windows. We have a painting in the house of the Eiffel Tower, and I just looked at it and saw a whole little village that I had thought was shading! I'm so happy! It's been wonderful! Anyone who wasn't a candidate for LASIK before should go see Dr. Winthrop and check. You might be a candidate now.

Robin: I'm next!”

– Beto & Robin T.

Tanner M.

“I've had glasses since elementary school and could never wear contacts. I was over it. I hated having glasses on my face, honestly.

My dad got LASIK 25 years ago and said it was the best thing he ever did. He's a dentist in Santa Barbara and he recommended Dr. Winthrop to me.

I live in San Diego now – I'm an engineer for a utility company – I came home to Santa Barbara to get LASIK with Dr. Winthrop. Now that I'm 26 and my prescription stabilized, I was really ready. I had the surgery at 9 am and by 3 pm I could see perfectly! I agree with my dad, best thing I've ever done!

Being active, it's perfect for me! I play soccer and have never been able to see more than 15 feet, so that's going to be a lot of fun. I go to a lot of concerts. I went to my first concert after LASIK and it was amazing. As an engineer, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and also in the field in substation construction. Now I don't have to have prescription safety goggles. I like to hike and trail run. I'm excited for camping without glasses! And even lying down in my bed watching TV without glasses has been a huge plus. I love it!”

– Tanner M.

Tani N.

“I had wanted to get LASIK but I was afraid to, so I started a flex account through work to make sure I would do it. I’m a teacher so I scheduled it during my holiday break. It was so convenient and simply amazing!

The whole overall experience was so much simpler than I expected! Basically, you show're can see! About 30 minutes, although the LASIK itself was just a few seconds.

I couldn't really believe it the first day or two. I really like having my night routine simplified and now the whole contacts process is over.

Just a 30-minute thing and it changes everything!”

– Tani N.

Cecilia L.

“I'm a medical assistant at an orthopedic center while I'm getting ready for Physician Assistant school. I asked some of the doctors I work with and they all had nice things to say about Dr. Winthrop, which matched up with his google reviews.

I thought LASIK would be way out of budget so I did a consult meeting with Dr. Winthrop and it ended up being a lot less than I thought it would be, equating to about 2 years of contacts. Dr. Winthrop's staff is great, especially Christian. He was super knowledgeable and kind, and he talked me through all of the tests we did and was happy to answer any questions I had. I was excited when I learned how quick it would be, and it was! Just seconds.

It's the best thing ever.”

– Cecilia L.

Chris H.

“I'm an internal medicine resident at Cottage Hospital. I'm going into radiology soon and I'll be looking at images for my career, so this seemed like a good time to get LASIK. So many of my trusted colleagues had either received care from Dr. Winthrop or knew him and recommended him. With LASIK, it's all about experience, technology, and track record.

The procedure was so short and as soon as it was over I could see significantly better than I did with my new glasses! It's been awesome not having to search for glasses or taking the time to put on contacts. I'm a frugal guy but I felt that the price was reasonable and well worth it. Dr. Winthrop's expertise is priceless. This is my livelihood and my vision will impact other people. Radiology is half the eyes and half the brain, so seeing well makes my job easier and makes me a better doctor. Better vision means better care. Sometimes the best research is recommendations from people you trust. In turn, I've recommended Dr. Winthrop to family members.”

– Chris H.

Mia F.

“I'm pursuing a career in visual art and design, so having clear eyesight is essential to the life I want to live. My eyes are the most important tool I have as an artist, so the decision to get LASIK was a no-brainer for me.

Visiting art museums and galleries and creating art of my own are regular activities that require the ability to perceive light, color, and shapes clearly. Wearing contacts and glasses while trying to concentrate on an artwork used to put a strain on my eyes, and now I can finally put that issue to rest thanks to LASIK. I also lead an active outdoor lifestyle, so now I can run, swim, and go out into nature to get inspired without having to worry about my contacts falling out.

It's definitely saving me lots of time and money in the long run, and I can only say I wish I had gotten it sooner. It's one of the best investments I've ever made, and the process was easier and more painless than I could have ever imagined. To anyone who is considering LASIK, Dr. Winthrop has my highest recommendations.”

– Mia F.


“Life is now in high def! No regrets, I love it. Literally, same day results!

The colors pop so much better. They're so vibrant. I didn't realize how much I was missing...for example details around you, and people's faces seem so clear. Cleaning is easier! I can also see small details in my outdoor and indoor plants, I have been able to appreciate nature better. I have a fiddle leaf and I didn't realize the plant had so many details in the leaves.

It was intimidating at first to think about getting LASIK. Going into the LASIK room it really hit me, wow, it's happening. But it was so easy, even the recovery was not what I expected. After the 5-hour nap, I opened my eyes and right away, I was like, wow! I could see clearly. They told I had been seeing at 20/400 and 20/200. So it was a big change! My eyes got an upgrade! ”

– Yurani R.


“I make films for a living, so pulling focus is basically the most important part of my job because if it's not in focus, it's not usable footage. Good eyesight is critical. A friend of mine said to me, 'if you ever would consider doing LASIK, do not hesitate! It changed my life.' I called Dr. Winthrop's office right after that conversation and had an appointment later that day.

It's only been a week since I had LASIK done and I've been on two shoots – both of them have gone swimmingly. I can see 20/20, even better than I could with my glasses. I'm just so fired up on what this is going to do for my business and for my ability to be more adaptable and dynamic. No more worry about losing contacts in the water and botching the shoot, no more hassle with contacts and glasses on shoots in remote locations. One less thing to think about.

Now I'm the friend telling everyone with glasses to get LASIK! I've already told so many people about Dr. Winthrop. Just go get the assessment because it's life-changing. I mean, I did the procedure, took a 4-hour nap, and woke up with 20/20 vision. It's just incredible technology. It's the first time I've really fully embraced the fact that I'm a millenial living a modern world.”

– Tate L.
Photo © Manea Fabisch


“I am truly grateful for the gift to see the details of life without having to reach for glasses/contacts. You don’t really understand freedom until you can wake up and SEE. I feel like those videos where a deaf child hears their parents voice for the first time, it really is that remarkable.

Dr. Winthrop’s office was so incredibly reassuring and thorough, and made everything so easy that I honestly wished I had done this sooner. The machine is state of the art, and there was even someone there to hold my hand for the couple minutes I was laying down for LASIK. It was SO EASY.

Deepest 'Thank You' to Dr. Winthrop and his team for making my vision perfect, my life more convenient, and for improving so many peoples lives—mine included! ”

– Amber M.


“As a new mom, LASIK has been a total game changer. No more waking up in the middle of the night trying to find my glasses!

And I think I can now see even better than I did with contacts. The other night my husband was shocked and impressed by my ability to read small print on the TV screen that even he couldn’t see! Dr. Winthrop was a joy to work with and I felt confident in his ability and expertise the whole way through. Thank you thank you thank you! ”

– Kassie G.


“I love it! I'm in Grad school getting my PhD in psychology so I'm on the computer all day with patients via tel-a-health. I was afraid LASIK wouldn't work for someone who is on the computer so much, but Dr. Winthrop assured me it was fine.

My mom and sister had both done LASIK with Dr. Winthrop a couple of years ago and they are very happy. It seemed like the time for me, so my husband and I saved up and I did it. In fact, I can see the computer better and I feel like I have less eye strain! I see better than 20/20 – I feel like there's nothing I can't see. I'm so happy! My husband and I go hiking and kayaking quite a bit and that has been excellent without glasses. My husband has perfect eyes – now we can see the same. I tell him sometimes, I can't believe these are my eyes! ”

– Amanda C.


“For my job, I depend a lot on my eyes. I drive heavy equipment for a living. I need to be able to see everyone around me for their safety. I feel far more confident in my vision now.

I used to think my vision with glasses was good. I have two friends who had gotten LASIK with Dr Winthrop and they both told me, 'Hey, you need LASIK, it will change your life!' but I said 'nah...I don't think it's necessary right now, maybe later.' 

So I'm visiting one of these friends at work and we're sitting about 15 feet away from a security monitor when he says, 'who's that?' I was wearing glasses, supposedly able to see 20/20, but I couldn't see a person in the monitor until I got up and walked right up to it. He could see so well! I had glasses on and could not see as far as he could with LASIK. That proved it to me, LASIK is better than glasses for good vision. So I went in to Dr. Winthrop and got it done!

LASIK is awesome!”

– Rolando O.

Adam G.

“It's amazing! I can see a whole new world of details.

You should definitely consider it if vision is an issue in your life. It's one of the best things that ever happened to me!”

– Adam G.


“Within 5 hours of the surgery I couldn't believe I ever wore contacts, and 10 days later I can see 20/20. I had been -3.25 in both eyes! It's amazing to have my natural eyes see as well as they can now.

I appreciate Dr. Winthrop and the whole team. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Dr. Winthrop has a very good bedside manner. Even though it's quick, it's still surgery so there's that worry. But they did a great job painting a picture of what to expect. I highly recommend them to anyone.

In fact, I think anyone who can afford it should do it! On the topic of cost, I had been spending nearly $1000 a year on my eyes to be in contacts, along with the administrative hassle. Contacts are irritating even with high-end contacts like I had, so I can only imagine the discomfort of people who are trying to save money on contacts by buying cheaper ones or wearing them longer.

I live an active life: I'm a biker, I'm in the water–swimming, surfing, rock climbing. Contacts were pretty good but I've lost them during sports. I lost one contact in the middle of rock climbing but I lost both while surfing one time. I got out and had a hard time finding my backpack and I had to call a friend to come and get me because I couldn't drive without contacts. Just trying to see without them would give me headache. I felt so vulnerable. I'll never be in that situation again!

The convenience is just incredible. I'm very happy. Enjoying Santa Barbara's vibrant colors!”

– Tyler J.

Parker B.

“One of the driving forces to my getting LASIK was to be able to enjoy outdoor sports more.

When my wife and I moved back to Santa Barbara to start our family we started an action sports company, Varial Surf Technology. We adapt aerospace technology composites to surfboards and other sport boards . As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time in the water! I'd always gone without contacts or glasses during sports because it was just easier but to miss the details it was a trade-off. I just got LASIK recently, so I'm counting the days when I can get back in.

Our family does a lot of hiking and that's been great. I can see all the ridges, trails, and leaves on the trees. To get sweaty and dirty and still see so clearly!”

– Parker B.


“I'm a Physical Therapy Assistant in the Army and I just got back from deployment in Kuwait. If you go to the Middle East, you're not allowed to wear contacts because of the high rate of eye infection.

I joined in 2017 and that was first time I realized how much good vision really matters. Military grade glasses can still slide, fog, jostle and break. It's very important to be 100%.

My captain got LASIK a couple of years ago and she recommended it to me. So I knew that as soon as I got state-side I would find the best place to do it and that was Dr. Winthrop. It was simple and turned out so great. I've got a whole new lease on life. Just wake up and live!”

– Josh R.


“I feel a greater freedom since LASIK – I can swim in the ocean and not worry about my contacts. Being able to see things I couldn't even see with contacts and pointing them out to my husband...that's fun! It still just feels kind of unreal, I was so used to searching nightstand for my glasses in the morning.

– Hannah H.


“I am so in love with my new vision, it’s amazing! I’m so happy. It’s actual magic!

In 3rd grade, I had to sit right in front of the whiteboard to see, so I started wearing contacts at age 8. I did gymnastics so glasses weren’t going to work for me. My eyes kept getting worse and worse until about 21 or 22. I got LASIK as soon as I could at 24.

I was so so excited to get it, I had no scary thoughts. Dr. Winthrop made it very digestible and easy to understand so it wasn’t scary. The procedure was so fast and easy and they even had someone holding my hand so I wouldn’t freak out.

The day after LASIK I was seeing the way I did with contacts in and it’s gotten better and better over the past month. Now I can see everything: I can read everything, see textures of things, and the details of trees. No limitations at all now! ”

– Claire L.


“I'm an outdoor person – I hike and do lots of gardening. Everything I do is visually based. It's such a big difference in comfort and quality of life. I compare LASIK to the moment I got glasses for the first time as a kid at 10 or 11, when I first saw stuff with clarity. Yet between contacts/glasses and LASIK, it's almost like an exposure in a camera...this is crisper, clearer, brighter. Colors are excellent. For some reason, my floaters are gone. My eyes just feel clean.

In my work as a landscape designer @topophyla I spend a lot of time on the computer but also outside. One of the things I used to hate was just wearing glasses in general and having only 80% field of view. Last August I had an eye infection that was a wake up that contacts weren't a long term solution.

During the pandemic lockdown, we've had more time to spend on ourselves, on self-contemplation and improvement. It puts life into perspective. You think you have so many years – I put off something that is really postive for my life and I put it off for years and years. The situation makes you stop putting things off. So I went to see Dr. Winthrop. The whole team made me feel very comfortable. Jeff, his technician, told me that they turn down a lot of people because they are strict about patients being good candidates for LASIK. I was relieved that I was one of the good candidates because I really wanted it. A week later, I had it! After I got home, I actually slept straight through to the next day. I was told things might be blurry at first, but no, crystal clear. More than I hoped for!”

– Eric A.


“Dr. Winthrop and his team went above and beyond to make this the best and easiest surgery/experience I have ever done. It was hands down the best decision of my life. It was totally painless and Dr. Winthrop explained every step of the procedure while he was doing it to make me feel at ease. I would easily trust Dr. Winthrop and his whole team with my life, honestly, lol.

I love being able to drive without my glasses, watch TV and sunsets, as well as, go on hikes without the burden of wearing glasses. I also can’t wait to attend music festivals once it is safe to do so. I personally think anyone that is even considering this procedure should 100% do it. It might seem scary being awake during the procedure, but I can confidently say that I didn’t feel any pain, and I felt at ease knowing I was in great hands. The healing time has also been extremely painless and fast.”

– Lisa G.


“My sister had LASIK first, and my parents saw how much it changed her life and they wanted to do that for me. So I got LASIK as a Christmas/birthday present from my parents!

My vision care has always had anxiety-triggers for me. I got glasses in 4th grade, and that same year I had an accident playing basketball. The ball hit the arm of my glasses and pinched a nerve which gave me facial paralysis for over a year. This was traumatizing for my parents as they took me to various doctors who wanted to do some pretty extreme testing. After that, I felt insecure in glasses, got contacts in middle school, and stopped wearing glasses. Contacts have their own issues: I've rubbed my eye and gotten my contact stuck behind my eye! I like to paddle board but it's a problem getting sea water splashed in your eyes with contacts.

I can't thank Dr. Winthrop and staff enough for their sensitivity during the procedure. I tried not think about the medical details although they explain it to you so you are prepared. Someone held my hand when I got a little nervous. Dr. Winthrop could tell I was getting tense (I was doing my breathing to relax) and he told me 'we can take a break if you need one' but I knew I could handle it so I said, 'let's keep going.'

I'm very happy! Colors are really clear, even better than fresh contacts. Driving and looking up towards the mountains, colors are really popping! Takes a little getting used to – not having to take contacts off at the end of the day. I can’t thank my parents enough for this amazing life changing gift!”

– Monica G.


“I would encourage anyone to get LASIK with Dr. Winthrop. I did my homework – I talked to all the other LASIK surgeons. He had the best reviews and the most up-to-date equipment. For me, it was a no-brainer. Dr. Winthrop was great, the whole staff was great. The answered all my questions and were very upfront about every aspect, very straightforward.

If you’re afraid, don’t be. It was no big deal. The whole appointment took, like an hour, but the actual laser was about 10 seconds an eye. I was in the procedure room itself about 15-20 minutes. When the doctor finished, I was still lying on my back and could see everything, perfectly.

I found out I could get LASIK five years ago when I was 25, but something stopped me. Money, probably, but if I added up all that I’ve spent on exams, contacts, and supplies since then it would be about the same! If I could go back and talk to my 25-year-old self, I’d say, ‘save up and get LASIK, it’s gonna be worth it.’ My Mom had it done 20 years ago and she said, 'best money you’ll ever spend.’ She was right!

The cool thing, I could see 20/20 with contacts and now I see even better. I could read the smallest line on the chart the day after my surgery. It’s so crazy!

My wife and I love to enjoy Santa Barbara with our dog Murphy. I can just go out and do things! I wore contacts for 20 years, and just being free of those is amazing. It may seem like a small thing, but I’m actually excited that I can now take a nap whenever I feel like it without having to worry about removing my contacts!”

– Seth V.

Michael R

“Before LASIK, when I woke up at 5am and put in contacts to go up to the mountain to snowboard, by nighttime my vision would be so much worse. I’d have to blink a lot to see, and it would just make me feel even more tired. Now, driving back home late at night, I’m less likely to fall asleep.

My oldest brother got LASIK before me. Actually he got PRK and he really raved about it, even with a longer recovery time. He told me it was the best thing he had ever done. So I really wasn’t too worried. I had looked into it, so going in I was very trusting of the technology and the experience of Dr. Winthrop. It was interesting to learn how short the procedure actually was. He tells you step by step what’s going to happen so you’re comfortable throughout.

My younger sister who wears glasses always reminds both of us how lucky we are and how annoying glasses are. I’m sure she’ll get LASIK too, when she’s old enough!”

– Michael R.


“A couple of weeks after getting LASIK, I took a trip to Switzerland. Traveling in general is much less of a hassle without having to deal with contacts/contact solution or worrying about glasses, especially on an airplane. It's fantastic to be able to sleep without contacts and to rest my head against the seat without worrying about bending my glasses frame.

The biggest reason I got LASIK was for the ability to go in the ocean without worrying about my contacts. I spend most of my free time in the water diving or surfing. Contacts were hard on my eyes so I couldn’t wear the very long each day before my eyes would start to feel scratchy. I’ve wanted LASIK for as long as I’ve worn glasses, and as soon as I could afford it, I did it. I did some research online and chose Dr. Winthrop. He’s a good family doctor, very knowledgeable, and the procedure was super easy.”

– Brooks P.


“Honestly, I’m still in disbelief! It is a major thing, but it was so fast, quick, and easy. Almost like nothing happened! Dr. Winthrop gave me confidence and I was able to let go of my stress, relax, and ride the wave! Every step of the way he was explaining what he was doing and why. I was in really good hands. And the technology is crazy innovative!

Between wearing a motorcycle helmet, sports, even just playing with my dog – life is easier without glasses. My vision is so much clearer now. I used to be pretty good with updating the strength of my eyeglasses but I have never seen more clearly as I do now! I feel as if though my depth perception has increased as well and I can’t wait to get out on the court to play some basketball. The vibrancy of colors has also gotten stronger since I've had the procedure and I can't wait to get out on my next hike to take in as many of the beautiful vistas as I can.”

– Vishal R.


“Fabulous! I was laughing out loud in my car when I headed to my next day followup. One day out and I could see crystal clear!

I had come very close to doing it several times over the years but then I would pull back, sometimes the day before scheduled surgery! I would think, “oh, it doesn’t matter, I can live with contacts, why take the risk?” But recently, contacts became so uncomfortable, always cloudy and foggy, that I was ready to get LASIK. Now I wish I had done it sooner!

I like to be active…tennis, hiking, gym, biking, running. In so many areas, it’s so much better to not worry about glasses or contacts. Now it’s just constantly…Great!

Since I’m in my 40s, I planned for the future when I might need reading glasses by getting ‘monovision’ LASIK. My non-dominant eye is corrected a bit less so that will help me read small type. You wear contacts that mimic this for a while to see if it works for you.”

– Tanja S.


“It’s been wonderful! I rock climb and it’s a nuisance to wear glasses, but the problem with contacts is that as soon as something gets in my eye, that’s it. I would leave my contacts off all day until before my afternoon climb so that my eyes wouldn’t be tired.

I’m also an avid runner. LASIK has been a tremendous help for me. I get up at the break of day and run my dog for 6 miles and because glasses would fog up I’d just leave them behind and rely on my dog to guide me. But sometimes I would trip! LASIK was such a blessing, I’ll tell you that!

I’ve been thinking about getting LASIK for the last few years and I’m really glad that I made that step. My husband got PRK from Dr. Winthrop, which is a longer recovery time but with just as good final results. So I’m grateful that I could get LASIK because it’s basically an overnight thing. And as the week went by I notice my eyes getting clearer and clearer. Now my eyes are crystal clear.”

– Angelique B.


“Honestly, it’s life changing! I didn’t know I would see this clear! I expected to see as well as I did with contacts. I had never seen better than that, so I didn’t know what I was missing.

Everything is vibrant, and there are dimensions and qualities I didn’t know existed! My depth perception is better and I’m less klutzy, even :) I work out every day, run, and I'm outside a lot of the time. I’ve been on the boat a lot lately. Contacts get dried out and blurry, glasses jump up and down and are fumbly. But now everything I do is so much better. LASIK has literally given me a better quality of life!”

– Sophia D.

Eric E

“The convenience of not constantly thinking about glasses and not putting in and taking out contacts is the thing I’ve enjoyed the most.

I enjoy swimming and I couldn’t see without contacts. I would literally put in contacts just to see when I was swimming. I do a lot of activities where having glasses is a nuisance. LASIK changes a lot of things. I rate my vision a 10 out of 10. When my roommate saw how well I did, he went to Dr. Winthrop and got LASIK two weeks later!”

– Eric E.


“I feel like a burden has been lifted. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Winthrop, I might not have gotten the procedure at all.

I had a fairly big prescription. I worried a lot about what might happen if something went wrong with my contacts.

The first consultation I had with a different doctor’s office lasted about 5 minutes, they explained nothing to me, and I didn’t trust them. I told a friend about that appointment and she said, ‘No, no, no…you have to go to Dr. Winthrop.’

I was surprised at how easy it was. The office staff is so good, especially Jeff! He’s so good at explaining every test he gave me in the first part of the consultation. Because he was explaining as we went along, he was able to answer questions I didn’t know I had. Then Dr. Winthrop went over the test results with me and explained even more. I was confident on procedure day. The process was very professional, compassionate, and very fast! I had no pain, no discomfort. The next day I was right back to reading, using my computer, everything. Just one day off, procedure day.”

– Clarissa M.


“I’d been considering LASIK for awhile. I've worn glasses/contacts since the 6th grade. I lead a pretty active lifestyle. I also have seasonal allergies that make wearing contacts difficult most days. I was to the point where I was thinking about LASIK daily. How it would improve my life in many aspects. And that's when I set my consultation with Dr. Winthrop.

After surgery I couldn't believe my eyes! No pun intended. I would recommend this to anyone who is considering! Dr. Winthrop and team are fabulous! I'm so happy!”

– Jenna H.


“My husband had LASIK with Dr. Winthrop in 2003 before he went to Iraq. His eyes are still perfect. Actually, I had it scheduled for last year but then I found out I was pregnant. Claudia who works in Dr. Winthrop’s office said, ‘come back after the baby and we’ll redo the exam.’ It’s a year later than I planned, but I now I have perfect vision too!

I used Flex spending from my work health benefits: You decide what elective medical procedure you want to use it for, then all year they take a little bit out at a time – pre-tax – and in January you’ve got the lump sum to use. It’s great.”

– Natasha C.


“LASIK was a much shorter procedure than I had expected, and it was a very easy recovery. It was amazing to open my eyes after the 4-hour recovery period and see everything in such detail.

In yoga we say that the third eye is the seat of intuition, and you must allow this eye to be open. It’s true; I didn’t overthink it. I wanted LASIK, I found Dr. Winthrop, and now my other two eyes work perfectly too!”

– Jessica S.

David T

“Glasses got in the way during photo shoots. I couldn’t see what I was doing as well as I needed to and had to guess at the focal point. It’s so disappointing to miss the shot; even just a little bit off can ruin it. So it’s great that since I had LASIK with Dr. Winthrop, I can be precise.

One thing I didn’t expect was how easy the procedure was and the care Dr. Winthrop showed to me after. He gave me a call later that day and just checked in to see how I was doing. Dr. Winthrop really makes you feel like family.

– David T.

Andrew M

“I had a really big prescription, -5.5 and -6, so my new clear vision really gives me peace of mind. It’s shocking how much of a life improvement it is.

I’d always been planning to get LASIK, but I was kind of nervous about it. We went to Dr. Winthrop’s office and they preemptively answered all of my fears. Jeff took his time, explaining the improved technology that they have in detail. The eye tracker is remarkable. It doesn’t matter if your eye moves! My girlfriend came with me to my appointment – she had LASIK 10 years ago. After my appointment, she said she wished that she had gone to Dr. Winthrop. They did such a good job; the procedure and the recovery, everything happened exactly the way they said it would. We ceremoniously threw away all of my contacts. We thanked them for their service and said bye!”

– Andrew M.


“I heard about Dr. Winthrop from a friend of mine who had LASIK and raved about it and how easy it was. I thought about LASIK for a few years but I was not too sure. He said to ask myself, “is it going to improve the quality of your life?” Yes, I knew it would!

I play and coach volleyball. I had a big tournament recently and I could see all the court numbers, scores, people’s faces. I wish I had done LASIK earlier!”

– Sarai A.

David M

“The biggest thing for me was waking up that day and being able to see for the first time with my own eyes since I was 4 years old. Quite a remarkable experience. Being able to see the mountains out my window in such detail, it was absolutely incredible. I was pretty gob-smacked, I’m not gonna lie.

I was blown away by the miracle of it. My friend says, ‘It’s not a miracle, Dave, it can be explained by science.’ No, it’s a miracle!

And there are practical considerations: freedom, eye health, and the opportunity to save some money on contacts!

Being an active person, wearing contacts going surfing, spearfishing, and especially during the 7 1/2 years I spent in the military, contacts were pretty fraught with issues. Glasses never fit my lifestyle. While I was in the military, they wouldn’t allow LASIK. But now, the limited impact it has on night vision and glare made it the right time for me. So while contacts gave me an element of freedom that came with some restrictions, now with LASIK I have none.

Getting ready in the morning and at night, I feel like I’ve run out of things to do! Funny how often I still go for the contact case. My wife and I used to take about the same amount of time getting ready. Maybe I should start using more face lotion or something! ”

– David M.


“The day after LASIK, I went hiking with my dogs and I couldn’t believe the details! In the doctor’s office, they test you with an eye chart a few feet away…hiking, I’m looking hundreds of feet away and there’s so much more to see! So I might have tested 20/20 before with glasses on and also 20/20 now after LASIK, but there’s no comparing the amount of detail and dimension I can see now.

As a competitive boxer, I’m expecting my reactions to improve now that LASIK has made my eyesight so clear. I’ll be better able to pick up on subtle cues from my opponent.I also ride a motorcycle, and riding without glasses is nice. No fogging up, no jamming glasses inside my helmet. I am so happy to be done with glasses!”

– Summer G.


“Prior to having the surgery my eyesight was the worst of anyone in my group of friends with myopia, my contact lens prescription was 6.5 for my right eye and 6.0 for my left eye. PRK was able to restore 20/20 vision!

I am so grateful to Dr. Winthrop and his staff, they were there every step of the way and were always very polite and friendly. The recovery process was relatively easy for me and I definitely recommend Dr. Winthrop to anyone considering laser eye surgery.”

– Karen A.


“LASIK is amazing. I wish I had done it sooner.

I’m a triathlete. 3-4 years ago I couldn’t wear contacts anymore. My time had dropped because during the swimming segment I couldn’t see the buoys and I went to the wrong buoy to make the turn. My frustration with my eyesight was building up. Seriously, I was living in the dark.

Now that I can see so well, the only downside is I’m cleaning everything! I told my wife, I knew I married a pretty girl, but I didn’t know she was gorgeous! ‘Ha!’ she said, ‘If I had known LASIK would affect you this way, I would have paid for it!’ ”

– Alex M.

Hannah R

“It’s a big commitment to get LASIK. Dr. Winthrop and his staff gave me so much information to help me make my decision. Dr. Winthrop was so kind. Considering his education, experience, and skill, I felt comfortable going forward with LASIK.

It's one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Surgery day was super easy. At any point when I was scared, Dr. Winthrop helped me calm down by telling me exactly what was happening. He was very caring. A few hours after I went home, he called me to see how I was.

Now that I see with clear vision I’m enjoying the little things: I can nap now that I don’t wear contacts. Getting ready to go in the morning is so fast! I see better now than I ever have, even with contacts or glasses.

The world around me has become so much more beautiful. The depth and detail that I can see has changed my perception of what the world is.”

– Hannah R.


“It’s the easiest procedure you can do to change your life completely. Thank you, Dr. Winthrop!

I had such a high prescription that I felt helpless when I took out my contacts. I would joke with my husband that if there were an earthquake or a zombie apocalypse in the middle of the night I would be useless, so he had “apocalypse” instructions to help me see if something happened! Now I’ll be ready!

I had LASIK on a Friday and went to a party on Saturday night seeing perfectly. People asked if I had any inflammation but I had none. Even with a degree of correction as big as mine I thought there were would be some discomfort, but there wasn’t any at all.”

– Zenitra K.

Brian H.

“The thing I enjoy most with my new vision is bike packing.

When I used to bike pack, I had to stop every two hours or so and wash out my contacts because they would fog over, making my vision a bit dirty, and the contacts would move around, making biking fast dangerous.  Now I don't even think about my eyes, I just see, and ride.  I love it!”

– Brian H.


“As an interventional cardiologist, I rely heavily on my vision to provide excellent care during heart procedures. Having LASIK surgery with Dr. Winthrop and his team was a seamless and pleasant process with first-rate care. I’m extremely satisfied with the results!”

– Caleb T.


“After LASIK, I cried for like 10 minutes when I first could see. I happened to be facing my bookshelf when I woke up on the first day and I could read the spines of every book.

I get nervous with any kind of procedure but Dr. Winthrop made me comfortable and I really appreciated the girl who was holding my hand throughout the procedure. It was so fast!

I have so much more confidence now. I do eyelash extensions and I tell all of my clients: LASIK…EASY!”

– Tatiana A.


“I expected life to change a little bit after having LASIK, but honestly, it’s even better than I imagined it would be!

Everything I do on a daily basis is so much better: exercise, work, driving, sunglasses at the beach, and my baby girl not grabbing my glasses every chance she gets! And the colors and vibrancy of everything is so much clearer! It was well worth it and way more!”

– Braden H.


“I am now ready to view the world with a new perspective.

I’m on my way to Scandinavia and the Baltic Region to pursue my dreams, to work on my second Master’s Degree in Finland for my future career in museum studies. Improving my vision with LASIK is part of that, so I’d like to thank Dr. Winthrop for changing my life! My vision has been completely cured. ”

– Bjorn L.


“I’ve been wanting to get LASIK done for years so last year I finally pulled the trigger and started saving for it.

It’s just crazy! I can wake up everyday and see! I used to have to stumble around looking for my glasses in the morning before I could to do anything.

Glasses and contacts had been a part of my life since I was little. But I’ve had allergies, eye-infections – there was always some issue with my eyes. In one day, that’s all been fixed. My sister said, ‘I’ve never seen your eyes so white, they’re usually red!’ Yep, it solved multiple issues.”

– Kelli M.


“Everyone I talked to about LASIK said it was the best thing they’ve ever done, so I asked my eye doctor in Solvang about it.

He sent me to Dr. Winthrop for LASIK. I’m happy with the results, and happy not to hunt for my glasses!”

– Taylor H.


“I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I wonder: why doesn’t everyone get LASIK? Initially, you’re scared to do it, but they really help calm you down. Dr. Winthrop walked me through it and that was the best. There was never anything unexpected.

I’m a triathlete and I just hated not being able to see in the water. I always worried about being able to find my bike in transition! I know a guy who lost a contact in the ocean! I can’t wait for my next triathlon at the end of the month.

My next scuba dive will be amazing – I never bought the expensive prescription mask and I’ve never been able to wear contacts either, so having LASIK will make scuba diving so much better. I have a lot to look forward to! When you add up the cost of prescription contacts, glasses, sunglasses, diving masks, etc., LASIK will pay for itself pretty fast!”

– Lyndsey W.


“I love to hike and I’ve always been drawn to hikes with views. Now I notice new things even in places I thought I knew like the back of my hand. Who knew I was missing so much of it?

LASIK even makes just walking down the street a better experience. This is better than I’ve ever seen before: my vision is 20/15, so that’s pretty incredible!

People told me it would be a life-changing experience and I thought…right. But it really is! I guess someday I'll feel like my perfect vision is normal – right now, it still feels like magic!

Thank you Dr. Winthrop and your great staff!””

– Elissa F.


“The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes four hours after the procedure was four white sailboats way out in Santa Barbara Harbor! Earlier that morning I knew where the water started but couldn't pick out anything out in the waves. It was pretty incredible and making the decision to do this for myself was a long time coming.

I had considered having LASIK almost 15 years ago when I first started working as an ICU nurse on the east coast. I did some research and couldn't find a doctor I felt comfortable with. So I put it on the back burner and continued with 14-hour days in monthly disposable contacts and occasional days in glasses that I never really liked.

I moved to California a couple of years ago and restarted my research in getting LASIK done. Earthquakes have been on my mind, especially now that I have a kid on the way. I thought about searching for my glasses in the middle of the night to make sure my family was safe. I also thought about how I could swim, bike, and run outdoors year round now. I thought it would be great to not worry about contacts. It seemed like the right time but I was still nervous about the actual procedure.

Dr. Winthrop and his team put my mind at ease.

Teamwork is a huge part of my professional practice and I look for the same with my own healthcare providers. The whole experience from the phone call with Claudia the LASIK coordinator, to the evaluation with Jeff, to the procedure and then the follow-up with Dr. Winthrop after the procedure, everything was on point. Everything was thoroughly and consistently explained, all of my questions were addressed and my discharge instructions were very clear and simple. Teamwork, check.

Clinical expertise is another key factor that is important to me. I read Dr. Winthrop's website closely and when we met we discussed how he was one of the pioneers of the procedure in the U.S. and how he was currently using the newest equipment specifically designed for just this procedure. Clinical expertise, check.”

– Zach K.


“After over 20 years of wearing contacts, I consulted with a couple of doctors about LASIK and chose Dr. Winthrop.

The first doctor told me I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK, but didn’t inform me very much beyond that. But Dr. Winthrop and everyone in the office that I talked to was very compassionate and took the time to go over everything that I would be experiencing with PRK, so I was very prepared. He walked me through the whole thing.

PRK wasn’t painful, but I was light sensitive for about 48 hours. With LASIK, people say that they see great right away. With PRK, really clear vision comes on gradually over a month or two. But we were all surprised at my one-week followup because I was already seeing so well!

I thought it was a great value. It was nice that Dr. Winthrop has his own laser center right next to his main office.

So it’s been a little over a week, and I’m back to all my normal activities including hiking and softball. It was great going to my game without contacts for the first time in 20 years!”

– Alli S.


“I’m a nurse and everyone at work asks me 'did you go to Dr. Winthrop for your LASIK?' Everyone knows he’s the best. I have had a wonderful experience with Dr Winthrop and all of his staff and I've been bragging about how well I can see!”

– Lauren L.


“I feel like a brand new person, like I have my youth back. I’ve already been way more active. I think of this as an investment in the quality of my life for the rest of my life. It’s unbelievable! It’s like Magic!

It’s life changing! My vision is so clear — 20/20. I had a very strong prescription, -8.50, but my eyes feel normal now. No discomfort, no side effects.

I had a close friend go to Dr. Winthrop last year and she recommended him. Once I met everyone in the office I just felt so comfortable, I knew he was the one for me. Everyone in town that I spoke to about Dr. Winthrop had a great positive story to tell, either about someone they knew or themselves being treated by Dr. Winthrop for LASIK or other serious eye conditions.”

– Terrie T.


“Before LASIK, I’d lived my whole life in Santa Barbara and felt like I never fully experienced my favorite things about my hometown – the water, kayaking and swimming. Now I can see in the water!

LASIK is life-changing and painless! Dr. Winthrop is as good as it gets and he’s here in Santa Barbara. I wish I had done this sooner!”

– Karina S.


“Everything looks 3D now! Other people really don’t know what it’s like to live with glasses, and how much we don’t see. Now I really know what I was missing. My peripherals are all there…and at night, it’s 100 times better! The stars are perfectly clear and traffic lights are so bright! Crisp, everything is so crisp!

I’m going to Costa Rica this year and I’m pretty excited to go underwater. I had always been that person who said ‘don’t splash my face!’ because I had worn glasses since I was 10 years old. I was just fed up with glasses…I had them for 20 years, I’m over it! Friends are having a bit of an identity crisis about my looks, haha. ‘I didn’t know it was you without your glasses!’ Now they see me. And I can for sure see them!”

– Janette R.


“I had always been planning on getting LASIK once my prescription stabilized. It turned out I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK but I could have PRK. I actually consulted with 3 different doctors and Doctor Winthrop was the last one. I just felt better in his office. He was the most professional and he was very nice and approachable and calming.

Empathetic. He took my procedure very seriously.

Everyone in the office was so helpful, asking if I had any questions and listening to all of my concerns. I got so much education and preparation. So just a little more than a month ago I had PRK. The first doctors that I consulted had said they would send me back to my regular doctor for aftercare, but Dr. Winthrop didn’t. He kept seeing me and he even gave me his cell phone number. I felt very taken care of. I’m very happy with the results! My eyesight keeps getting better and better. I can read the last line on the eyechart! I wonder how this will affect my tennis game? :)”

– Hanna D.


“After 35 years of wearing contact lenses and a fear of LASIK surgery, Dr. Winthrop, Jeff and Claudia helped me to feel confident about this life-altering procedure! I put my faith in this fabulous team and now for the first time in my adult life, I can wake up in the morning and see clearly!

In a world where you don't often feel valued by service providers, I truly feel both valued and cared for! This has been an amazing, eye-opening experience.😊 Thank you Dr. Winthrop for your expertise and exceptional care!”

– Christy C.

cook Ruben

“I was a little scared before the surgery but afterwards everything changed in my life. Now I feel relieved because I don't have to carry my glasses everywhere I go, especially at my work. I don't have to carry my glasses while I'm cooking. I recommend getting LASIK eye surgery with Dr. Winthrop.”

– Ruben G.


“Doctor Winthrop is the best doctor in the world! LASIK was so, so worth it! I’m telling everyone, get it while you’re young. Best decision of my life so far! I’ve had glasses since kindergarten; I was near-sighted with a lot of astigmatism. But even with glasses, I couldn’t get to 20/20 because my vision was so bad.

It was such a good decision to put myself in Dr. Winthrop's hands. I was in and out in a flash, and I loved the whole experience of getting LASIK. And now…no limits! I’ll be able to go skiing, snorkling, kyaking, I’ll be able to wear a helmet without hurting my head! I feel free!”

– Anayeli C.

health care worker Erika

“Everyone at Dr. Winthrop’s office is so nice! I work at a medical clinic and our doctors say he’s the best. I took a week off to get PRK, but it only took me 3 days to heal. I love it! I wake up and see everything! I am trying to shake the habit of pushing up glasses that aren’t there.

Now that I can see clearly, I’m going to learn how to swim! My vision was so bad, I never learned how. There are so many activities that I want to do with my 5-year old daughter. (One of our activities used to be ‘Scarlet! Please help me find my glasses!’ haha) Working out with glasses–sweating with glasses sliding around on my face– was so uncomfortable. And I hated contacts! Now I feel free, like I’m a butterfly out of my cocoon! I’m encouraging everyone I know who wears glasses to do it and I hope they do. I had the wrong idea about the procedure, so I think you really need to go in for an exam to find out if you can get LASIK or PRK. What a difference it is to be free!”

– Erika S.

student Cindy

“My mom had LASIK years ago and always said, ‘Don’t wait as long as I did to get LASIK!’ Last January my cousin had LASIK with Dr. Winthrop and he said to me, ‘Just go!’

I was ok with contacts, even though running along the beach or riding a bike would dry my eyes out. And of course, falling asleep with them on and having to get up to take them off was not great. But I had pretty bad vision, and with my cousin and mom encouraging me I went ahead with LASIK.

Now everything is so sharp! I see better than I did with contacts and there are none of those weird fluctuations you get with contacts.

My brother says ‘I’m going to be next!’ My roommate has vision like I used to have, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to do it, too. All I can say to my friends is: you should go see Dr. Winthrop and get the free consultation. You don’t know what you’re missing out on!”

– Cindy O.

outdoor enthusiast Mindy

“I’m a low-maintenance person who had high-maintenance vision. I could hold my hand up 4 inches from my face and I really couldn’t even see the lines on my hands—it all just looked like a smudged charcoal drawing, really blurry. I could just make out that there were separate fingers. So you have some idea how my vision was.

My father-in-law recommended Dr. Winthrop to me and I was so impressed with care that I felt throughout the entire process from Claudia, Jeff, Dr. Stuart – they are all WONDERFUL. The procedure was quicker and easier than I thought it would be, even for a big correction like mine. My one day checkup was a success at 20/20 vision!

Backpacking this past weekend at Sequoia National Park was so surreal! I woke up in the middle of the night, opened my eyes and saw the stars! I feel more like myself without the added cumberson layer of my contacts. Now my vision is low-maintenance too!”

– Mindy S.

cyclist James

“After great references from friends & family and being a fairly active outdoors person, it is surprising that it took me so long to visit Dr. Winthrop's office. My father is a surfer who had LASIK at least 5 years ago and is a huge advocate for LASIK and Dr. Winthrop. It just took me a while to get to it.

Once I went in, the process was straightforward, easy, and the recovery after the operation was incredibly fast. I am amazed at the results and happy to not need to deal with contacts or glasses while being active outside. I'm going to be doing some lake activity in a couple of weeks: skiing, wakeboarding, tubing – out in the water with eyes open, seeing!”

– James G.

Nurse Sonia

“During nursing school is when I struggled the most with my vision. My contact lens were always bothering me in the worst moments and wearing my glasses only caused me to have headaches throughout the day. Now that I been a nurse for almost two years I still saw my myself struggling with my eyes during work. I kept telling myself that I would make my vision a priority but it never seemed to happen.

Two weeks ago I was on Facebook and saw that my friend got LASIK surgery something inside of me didn't think twice and called Dr. Winthrop's office and made an appointment. I had my consult on May 19 and my surgery was already the following week. The morning of May 27 my life completely changed for the best!

The second the procedure was done, I was mind-blown that I was finally able to see everything so clearly without using my contact lens or glasses. Till this day I still can't believe that I'm able to see I constantly want to remove my contacts lens but then I remind myself that this is my new and improved vision.

There are no words that can explain the gratitude I have for Dr. Winthrop and his office staff. I'm so blessed that my job and family were supportive with my life-changing decision. Now I can finally be a nurse that has one less thing to worry about during her shift at work.”

– Sonia B.

Artist Danny

“Sure I thought about it many times, but I never actually thought I would do it! My glasses were driving me crazy, though. I’m both a muralist and a tattoo artist, so sometimes I need to stand way back and sometimes I work really close. Because I am—was— near-sighted, I was always taking my glasses on and off to do my artwork.

So I called Dr. Winthrop’s and as it turned out I was able to get in really soon. I thought, ‘wow, this is happening fast’ and they said, ‘you can wait if you don’t feel comfortable.’ But I had made the decision so I went ahead. Everyone is super-friendly and made me feel super-comfortable. Everything is so sharp! Ha, my friends with glasses want to do it now! There was zero pain and it was super fast. My black-rimmed glasses were sort of my trademark and now they are gone. I guess I could tattoo frames around my eyes!”

– Danny M.


“I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about my new eyes! I was so so so scared to have LASIK surgery done, but it was a dream! Dr. Winthrop is everything I heard he would be, and more. He walked me through everything, and really cared about my experience! I was at my bridal shower the very next day with no problems! And then a wedding a week later feeling even better!!! I am so so so thankful!!!”

– Brandi D.

Elizabeth and son

“This is awesome! In the past I had been told I was not a candidate—I was really blind with a really bad astigmatism. But on a hunch I went to see Dr. Winthrop. I wasn’t expecting to hear ‘we can do it’ but that’s what he said!

Before my LASIK appointment, I was really nervous because I had looked at youtube videos of the procedure that other doctors had posted, and my friends told me that surgeons do all of these weird things with your eyes. That is not the way my LASIK was! On surgery day, everyone made me feel so comfortable – the staff was really happy and super-awesome. In my business, customer service is so important, and I appreciate how excellent Dr. Winthrop’s staff is. I wasn’t worried at all as soon as I laid down under his hands. He told me everything he was going to do, from eye drops to the little cap on my head, before he did it. He led me through everything. It was really simple.

I’m speechless! I am so happy. Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed, the first and last person I see is my little boy. He used to hand me my glasses every morning so I could see him. Just to see him clearly is amazing.  I’m excited about everything I’m going to do; today I’m going out on a boat and I can’t wait to see what it will be like! Now it’s my turn to say, ‘Thank you, Dr. Winthrop!’ He truly has a gift.”

– Elizabeth M.

Eli Surfing

“Dr. Winthrop and his staff are great. The surgery was easy and went perfectly. It is amazing how much better I can see. The next day I was back to mountain biking and playing baseball. I have been wearing contacts for years and having this surgery changed my life. I can not wait to get back out in the water and surf in a few weeks. Thank you Dr. Winthrop.”

– Eli M.

Sep and Family

“Dr. Winthrop and his staff are fantastic!  The pre-operation appointments were easy and informative and the day of the procedure was seamless.  Since my recent Lasik surgery  life has changed dramatically.  I can see whitecaps on the ocean, the Channel Islands have never been so defined and clear, I don't need glasses to work on my computer or watch TV anymore, and I can even read street signs now :).  Thanks Dr. Winthrop for enhancing my life!”

– Sep W.

"On the advice and recommendation of my internist, I saw Dr Winthrop. His credentials are impeccable, his experience is extensive, and his easygoing manner put me at ease immediately. The LASIK procedure was painless, quick, and the results were immediate. Imagine... I wore glasses, and later contacts for 38 years — the need was over in minutes! The memory of the first images I saw clearly after the procedure will probably stay with me forever. Now my only problem is what to do with all those old pairs of glasses, contacts, and cleaning and wetting solutions!"

– Georgene Savio

"Four months have gone by since my LASIK surgery and I love being able to see so clearly! Thank you so much. I couldn't see anything but fuzzy shapes before the surgery and now I can see individual leaves on trees in the distance. In fact, as soon as I opened my eyes, I was able to see clearly. It really seems like a miracle. What amazes me is that I was afraid of the surgery and waited so long. Your staff is wonderfully organized and prepared me prior to the very quick procedure so thoroughly. Nothing was a surprise. You were so encouraging, and I felt completely confident in trusting you with my vision. Thank you again and again."

– Priscilla Diamond

"I see clearly everyday without looking through dirty, itchy contact lenses. Dr. Winthrop's equipment allowed me to go forward with LASIK surgery where other doctor's equipment wouldn't. Great job! The staff is excellent. I will highly recommend Dr.Winthrop to anyone interested in LASIK (or still wearing glasses/contacts)."

– T.J. Ferguson

"My eyes were very bad. I needed a doctor who was the best. Dr. Winthrop was that doctor. Many doctors are doing this procedure for the money and when speaking with them you do not get the confident feeling that I got when speaking to Dr. Winthrop. He was honest and told me the truth. He has the education and skills that I needed to fix my eyes. He told me that I would SEE and I can!"

– Debbie Bartlett

"I want to thank you so much for giving me the best LASIK experience! Your matter-of-fact manner gave me confidence, and I really appreciated the time you took to answer my questions and call me after the surgery. Additionally, I want to thank your staff for making me feel comfortable before and throughout the procedure. Thank you so much, it's made such a difference!"

– Siobhaun Shinn

"It was particularly important to me to have LASIK with an experienced corneal surgeon such as Dr Winthrop, as the procedure is invasive (as opposed to standard PRK). The careful preparation given me beforehand and during the procedure made it relatively routine and minimized my anxiety.

I would do this over again without reservation. I only wish LASIK had been an available option years ago when I was younger and glasses were an even greater annoyance in my activities. I'm somewhat jealous professionally of Dr. Winthrop's ability to offer his patients such a wonderful gift as normal vision, wishing I could offer my own patients such an appreciated service. I marvel every morning when I wake up, look out my window, and see perfectly. It's still hard to believe!"

– Dr. Stephen L. Abbott

"The only word I can use to describe the LASIK procedure is "MIRACLE." I am an avid golfer who has had to struggle with watching my ball disappear into the sky and being unable to see the ball land. Two days after the LASIK procedure, I was able to play golf and see my ball land every time I hit it. My concentration level was much higher because I didn't have to blink several times trying to get my contact lenses to focus on the ball. For once the wind did not bother my game.

I want to thank you and all of your wonderful staff for making this experience as comfortable as possible. NO PAIN!!! What a concept. You've got a great team!

I always thought that I had the best job in the world. Creating smiles and seeing the end result is always so rewarding. After seeing what you can do with vision and making this world clearer to me, I have to think your job is just as rewarding as mine. Again, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for my life. It's truly a miracle!"

– Bernard C. Chang, D.D.S., M.S.

"I would like to tell you how pleased I was with my LASIK procedure. Seldom in life do results meet expectations; in this case results exceeded my wildest hopes. It has been everything I hoped for and more. To say that I would recommend you and your staff is an understatement.

Never did I feel that you were rushing through as many patients as possible. Instead I was given all the special attention I needed to ease my fears and nerves.

The procedure only took a few minutes. It was through before I knew it. I felt no pain and you and your staff had me so relaxed and confident that I wish going to the dentist was this easy. The way that you explained everything and walked me through the LASIK procedure made all my fears disappear.

I am saving the best for last. I could see better right after the LASIK procedure than I had 35 years ago. The 2nd day was even better. I got up and drove 2 hours to help my son move. I was amazed at how clear everything was; how I could see the road and all the small details so clearly. I am so pleased that I cannot find the words to describe my joy.

In closing, I would like to assure any future patients that they are in the best hands possible; that they need not worry; that your staff will walk them through it with the same care that a mother shows to her baby. The eye drops are the only thing that hurt in the slightest amount. Getting shampoo in my eyes hurt worse than LASIK. Thank you and your staff for making this so easy, and also for making it more than a job."

– Ed Martin

"Dear Dr. Winthrop, Let me begin by expressing my deepest gratitude to you and each member of your staff.

My case was an extremely difficult one as my astigmatism, at 6+ diopters, was way past extreme. For my entire life I have been confronted by eye doctors who had never seen amounts that high and who had varying degrees of success treating me. Because of this, I researched the procedure and available doctors very carefully. There are many LASIK centers available, and I found all of them that I contacted were willing to do the procedure on me. However, I knew they had zero experience with someone like me and I wanted a doctor who had successfully done numerous cases like mine. Of course, you have more experience with eyes like mine than anyone and it shows everywhere.

I had the procedure done five days ago. You removed five diopters, the maximum possible in one sitting, of astigmatism from each eye along with what myopia was present. The procedure was painless— pleasant, in fact. I could see directly afterwards, and on my next-day checkup could see at 20/25 or so and was certified by yourself as being legal to drive without contacts. I have never experienced any discomfort and my vision continues to improve. I can now see better than I could with contacts. I can't imagine what it will be like when you do the follow-up LASIK to remove the balance of my astigmatism but I am surely looking forward to that day. I imagine many people would be surprised to learn you include follow-up procedures in the package price. It was a pleasant surprise.

For me, contacts were becoming very uncomfortable to wear. My eyes were getting irritated. Plus, because of the high correction, the toric lenses needed to stay exactly straight up and down...something that was only possible on occasion. Basically, it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to work, read, drive, and such...and glasses were not an option.

The difference for me now is truly amazing and quite wonderful. If you have other patients with conditions similar to mine, or anyone for whom you would like to use me as a reference, please do not hesitate. Your competence, consideration, and kindness are all of the highest order. If I could think of better praise I would offer it. I am already sending you my friends."

– Steven L. Bender
Technical Architect