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Navigating your Flex Spending Account (FSA) for Qualified Medical Expenses

If your employer provides an FSA benefit, you may be able to use these funds toward qualified medical expenses. It is important to be well informed about how and when you can use these funds.

You may want to contact your employer’s Human Resources Department or benefits administrator to help you better understand how your plan works. They typically have contribution limits for each year, and those contributions may well have an expiration date. Some plans may allow you to “carry over” your unused funds or have a “grace period” depending on the design of the benefit plan.

It’s always best to contact the HR department or whoever is administering these benefits before you have a procedure—such as LASIK—to make sure you are eligible to use the funds for this purpose.

We suggest you make an appointment to come in for a pre-screening to make sure you are a candidate for LASIK. This way you will have all the information before you contact the HR department or plan administrator.

LASIK is considered “cosmetic” and is not billable to health plans for reimbursement but is eligible for reimbursement from an HSA account. Using these “pre-tax” funds in your FSA is an ideal way to pay for procedures such as LASIK.

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