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In just a few painless seconds, your whole way of interacting with the world becomes more direct and free.

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“Everything looks 3D now! Other people really don’t know what it’s like to live with glasses, and how much we don’t see. Now I really know what I was missing. My peripherals are all there…and at night, it’s 100 times better! The stars are perfectly clear and traffic lights are so bright! Crisp, everything is so crisp!   

I’m going to Costa Rica this year and I’m pretty excited to go underwater. I had always been that person who said ‘don’t splash my face!’ because I had worn glasses since I was 10 years old. I was just fed up with glasses…I had them for 20 years, I’m over it! Friends are having a bit of an identity crisis about my looks, haha. ‘I didn’t know it was you without your glasses!’ Now they see me. And I can for sure see them!”

– Janette R.


“I had always been planning on getting LASIK once my prescription stabilized. It turned out I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK but I could have PRK. I actually consulted with 3 different doctors and Doctor Winthrop was the last one. I just felt better in his office. He was the most professional and he was very nice and approachable and calming.   

Empathetic. He took my procedure very seriously.

Everyone in the office was so helpful, asking if I had any questions and listening to all of my concerns. I got so much education and preparation. So just a little more than a month ago I had PRK. The first doctors that I consulted had said they would send me back to my regular doctor for aftercare, but Dr. Winthrop didn’t. He kept seeing me and he even gave me his cell phone number. I felt very taken care of. I’m very happy with the results! My eyesight keeps getting better and better. I can read the last line on the eyechart! I wonder how this will affect my tennis game? :)”

– Hanna D.


“After 35 years of wearing contact lenses and a fear of LASIK surgery, Dr. Winthrop, Jeff and Claudia helped me to feel confident about this life-altering procedure! I put my faith in this fabulous team and now for the first time in my adult life, I can wake up in the morning and see clearly!   

In a world where you don't often feel valued by service providers, I truly feel both valued and cared for! This has been an amazing, eye-opening experience.😊 Thank you Dr. Winthrop for your expertise and exceptional care!”

– Christy C.

cook Ruben

“I was a little scared before the surgery but afterwards everything changed in my life. Now I feel relieved because I don't have to carry my glasses everywhere I go, especially at my work. I don't have to carry my glasses while I'm cooking. I recommend getting LASIK eye surgery with Dr. Winthrop.”

– Ruben G.


“Doctor Winthrop is the best doctor in the world! LASIK was so, so worth it! I’m telling everyone, get it while you’re young. Best decision of my life so far! I’ve had glasses since kindergarten; I was near-sighted with a lot of astigmatism. But even with glasses, I couldn’t get to 20/20 because my vision was so bad.   

It was such a good decision to put myself in Dr. Winthrop's hands. I was in and out in a flash, and I loved the whole experience of getting LASIK. And now…no limits! I’ll be able to go skiing, snorkling, kyaking, I’ll be able to wear a helmet without hurting my head! I feel free!”

– Anayeli C.

health care worker Erika

“Everyone at Dr. Winthrop’s office is so nice! I work at a medical clinic and our doctors say he’s the best. I took a week off to get PRK, but it only took me 3 days to heal. I love it! I wake up and see everything! I am trying to shake the habit of pushing up glasses that aren’t there.   

Now that I can see clearly, I’m going to learn how to swim! My vision was so bad, I never learned how. There are so many activities that I want to do with my 5-year old daughter. (One of our activities used to be ‘Scarlet! Please help me find my glasses!’ haha) Working out with glasses–sweating with glasses sliding around on my face– was so uncomfortable. And I hated contacts! Now I feel free, like I’m a butterfly out of my cocoon! I’m encouraging everyone I know who wears glasses to do it and I hope they do. I had the wrong idea about the procedure, so I think you really need to go in for an exam to find out if you can get LASIK or PRK. What a difference it is to be free!”

– Erika S.

student Cindy

“My mom had LASIK years ago and always said, ‘Don’t wait as long as I did to get LASIK!’ Last January my cousin had LASIK with Dr. Winthrop and he said to me, ‘Just go!’

I was ok with contacts, even though running along the beach or riding a bike would dry my eyes out. And of course, falling asleep with them on and having to get up to take them off was not great. But I had pretty bad vision, and with my cousin and mom encouraging me I went ahead with LASIK.

Now everything is so sharp! I see better than I did with contacts and there are none of those weird fluctuations you get with contacts. My brother says ‘I’m going to be next!’ My roommate has vision like I used to have, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to do it, too. All I can say to my friends is: you should go see Dr. Winthrop and get the free consultation. You don’t know what you’re missing out on!”

– Cindy O.

outdoor enthusiast Mindy

“I’m a low-maintenance person who had high-maintenance vision. I could hold my hand up 4 inches from my face and I really couldn’t even see the lines on my hands—it all just looked like a smudged charcoal drawing, really blurry. I could just make out that there were separate fingers. So you have some idea how my vision was.

My father-in-law recommended Dr. Winthrop to me and I was so impressed with care that I felt throughout the entire process from Claudia, Jeff, Dr. Stuart – they are all WONDERFUL. The procedure was quicker and easier than I thought it would be, even for a big correction like mine. My one day checkup was a success at 20/20 vision!

Backpacking this past weekend at Sequoia National Park was so surreal! I woke up in the middle of the night, opened my eyes and saw the stars! I feel more like myself without the added cumberson layer of my contacts. Now my vision is low-maintenance too!”

– Mindy S.

cyclist James

“After great references from friends & family and being a fairly active outdoors person, it is surprising that it took me so long to visit Dr. Winthrop's office. My father is a surfer who had LASIK at least 5 years ago and is a huge advocate for LASIK and Dr. Winthrop. It just took me a while to get to it.

Once I went in, the process was straightforward, easy, and the recovery after the operation was incredibly fast. I am amazed at the results and happy to not need to deal with contacts or glasses while being active outside. I'm going to be doing some lake activity in a couple of weeks: skiing, wakeboarding, tubing – out in the water with eyes open, seeing!”

– James G.

Nurse Sonia

“During nursing school is when I struggled the most with my vision. My contact lens were always bothering me in the worst moments and wearing my glasses only caused me to have headaches throughout the day. Now that I been a nurse for almost two years I still saw my myself struggling with my eyes during work. I kept telling myself that I would make my vision a priority but it never seemed to happen.

Two weeks ago I was on Facebook and saw that my friend got LASIK surgery something inside of me didn't think twice and called Dr. Winthrop's office and made an appointment. I had my consult on May 19 and my surgery was already the following week. The morning of May 27 my life completely changed for the best!

The second the procedure was done, I was mind-blown that I was finally able to see everything so clearly without using my contact lens or glasses. Till this day I still can't believe that I'm able to see I constantly want to remove my contacts lens but then I remind myself that this is my new and improved vision.

There are no words that can explain the gratitude I have for Dr. Winthrop and his office staff. I'm so blessed that my job and family were supportive with my life-changing decision. Now I can finally be a nurse that has one less thing to worry about during her shift at work.”

– Sonia B.

Artist Danny

“Sure I thought about it many times, but I never actually thought I would do it! My glasses were driving me crazy, though. I’m both a muralist and a tattoo artist, so sometimes I need to stand way back and sometimes I work really close. Because I am—was— near-sighted, I was always taking my glasses on and off to do my artwork.

So I called Dr. Winthrop’s and as it turned out I was able to get in really soon. I thought, ‘wow, this is happening fast’ and they said, ‘you can wait if you don’t feel comfortable.’ But I had made the decision so I went ahead. Everyone is super-friendly and made me feel super-comfortable. Everything is so sharp! Ha, my friends with glasses want to do it now! There was zero pain and it was super fast. My black-rimmed glasses were sort of my trademark and now they are gone. I guess I could tattoo frames around my eyes!”

– Danny M.


“I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about my new eyes! I was so so so scared to have LASIK surgery done, but it was a dream! Dr. Winthrop is everything I heard he would be, and more. He walked me through everything, and really cared about my experience! I was at my bridal shower the very next day with no problems! And then a wedding a week later feeling even better!!! I am so so so thankful!!!”

– Brandi D.

Elizabeth and son

“This is awesome! In the past I had been told I was not a candidate—I was really blind with a really bad astigmatism. But on a hunch I went to see Dr. Winthrop. I wasn’t expecting to hear ‘we can do it’ but that’s what he said!

Before my LASIK appointment, I was really nervous because I had looked at youtube videos of the procedure that other doctors had posted, and my friends told me that surgeons do all of these weird things with your eyes. That is not the way my LASIK was! On surgery day, everyone made me feel so comfortable – the staff was really happy and super-awesome. In my business, customer service is so important, and I appreciate how excellent Dr. Winthrop’s staff is. I wasn’t worried at all as soon as I laid down under his hands. He told me everything he was going to do, from eye drops to the little cap on my head, before he did it. He led me through everything. It was really simple.

I’m speechless! I am so happy. Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed, the first and last person I see is my little boy. He used to hand me my glasses every morning so I could see him. Just to see him clearly is amazing.  I’m excited about everything I’m going to do; today I’m going out on a boat and I can’t wait to see what it will be like! Now it’s my turn to say, ‘Thank you, Dr. Winthrop!’ He truly has a gift.”

– Elizabeth M.

Eli Surfing

“Dr. Winthrop and his staff are great. The surgery was easy and went perfectly. It is amazing how much better I can see. The next day I was back to mountain biking and playing baseball. I have been wearing contacts for years and having this surgery changed my life. I can not wait to get back out in the water and surf in a few weeks. Thank you Dr. Winthrop.”

– Eli M.

Sep and Family

“Dr. Winthrop and his staff are fantastic!  The pre-operation appointments were easy and informative and the day of the procedure was seamless.  Since my recent Lasik surgery  life has changed dramatically.  I can see whitecaps on the ocean, the Channel Islands have never been so defined and clear, I don't need glasses to work on my computer or watch TV anymore, and I can even read street signs now :).  Thanks Dr. Winthrop for enhancing my life!”

– Sep W.

"On the advice and recommendation of my internist, I saw Dr Winthrop. His credentials are impeccable, his experience is extensive, and his easygoing manner put me at ease immediately. The LASIK procedure was painless, quick, and the results were immediate. Imagine... I wore glasses, and later contacts for 38 years — the need was over in minutes! The memory of the first images I saw clearly after the procedure will probably stay with me forever. Now my only problem is what to do with all those old pairs of glasses, contacts, and cleaning and wetting solutions!"

– Georgene Savio

"Four months have gone by since my LASIK surgery and I love being able to see so clearly! Thank you so much. I couldn't see anything but fuzzy shapes before the surgery and now I can see individual leaves on trees in the distance. In fact, as soon as I opened my eyes, I was able to see clearly. It really seems like a miracle. What amazes me is that I was afraid of the surgery and waited so long. Your staff is wonderfully organized and prepared me prior to the very quick procedure so thoroughly. Nothing was a surprise. You were so encouraging, and I felt completely confident in trusting you with my vision. Thank you again and again."

– Priscilla Diamond

"I see clearly everyday without looking through dirty, itchy contact lenses. Dr. Winthrop's equipment allowed me to go forward with LASIK surgery where other doctor's equipment wouldn't. Great job! The staff is excellent. I will highly recommend Dr.Winthrop to anyone interested in LASIK (or still wearing glasses/contacts)."

– T.J. Ferguson

"My eyes were very bad. I needed a doctor who was the best. Dr. Winthrop was that doctor. Many doctors are doing this procedure for the money and when speaking with them you do not get the confident feeling that I got when speaking to Dr. Winthrop. He was honest and told me the truth. He has the education and skills that I needed to fix my eyes. He told me that I would SEE and I can!"

– Debbie Bartlett

"I want to thank you so much for giving me the best LASIK experience! Your matter-of-fact manner gave me confidence, and I really appreciated the time you took to answer my questions and call me after the surgery. Additionally, I want to thank your staff for making me feel comfortable before and throughout the procedure. Thank you so much, it's made such a difference!"

– Siobhaun Shinn

"It was particularly important to me to have LASIK with an experienced corneal surgeon such as Dr Winthrop, as the procedure is invasive (as opposed to standard PRK). The careful preparation given me beforehand and during the procedure made it relatively routine and minimized my anxiety.

I would do this over again without reservation. I only wish LASIK had been an available option years ago when I was younger and glasses were an even greater annoyance in my activities. I'm somewhat jealous professionally of Dr. Winthrop's ability to offer his patients such a wonderful gift as normal vision, wishing I could offer my own patients such an appreciated service. I marvel every morning when I wake up, look out my window, and see perfectly. It's still hard to believe!"

– Dr. Stephen L. Abbott

"The only word I can use to describe the LASIK procedure is "MIRACLE." I am an avid golfer who has had to struggle with watching my ball disappear into the sky and being unable to see the ball land. Two days after the LASIK procedure, I was able to play golf and see my ball land every time I hit it. My concentration level was much higher because I didn't have to blink several times trying to get my contact lenses to focus on the ball. For once the wind did not bother my game.

I want to thank you and all of your wonderful staff for making this experience as comfortable as possible. NO PAIN!!! What a concept. You've got a great team!

I always thought that I had the best job in the world. Creating smiles and seeing the end result is always so rewarding. After seeing what you can do with vision and making this world clearer to me, I have to think your job is just as rewarding as mine. Again, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for my life. It's truly a miracle!"

– Bernard C. Chang, D.D.S., M.S.

"I would like to tell you how pleased I was with my LASIK procedure. Seldom in life do results meet expectations; in this case results exceeded my wildest hopes. It has been everything I hoped for and more. To say that I would recommend you and your staff is an understatement.

Never did I feel that you were rushing through as many patients as possible. Instead I was given all the special attention I needed to ease my fears and nerves.

The procedure only took a few minutes. It was through before I knew it. I felt no pain and you and your staff had me so relaxed and confident that I wish going to the dentist was this easy. The way that you explained everything and walked me through the LASIK procedure made all my fears disappear.

I am saving the best for last. I could see better right after the LASIK procedure than I had 35 years ago. The 2nd day was even better. I got up and drove 2 hours to help my son move. I was amazed at how clear everything was; how I could see the road and all the small details so clearly. I am so pleased that I cannot find the words to describe my joy.

In closing, I would like to assure any future patients that they are in the best hands possible; that they need not worry; that your staff will walk them through it with the same care that a mother shows to her baby. The eye drops are the only thing that hurt in the slightest amount. Getting shampoo in my eyes hurt worse than LASIK. Thank you and your staff for making this so easy, and also for making it more than a job."

– Ed Martin

"Dear Dr. Winthrop, Let me begin by expressing my deepest gratitude to you and each member of your staff.

My case was an extremely difficult one as my astigmatism, at 6+ diopters, was way past extreme. For my entire life I have been confronted by eye doctors who had never seen amounts that high and who had varying degrees of success treating me. Because of this, I researched the procedure and available doctors very carefully. There are many LASIK centers available, and I found all of them that I contacted were willing to do the procedure on me. However, I knew they had zero experience with someone like me and I wanted a doctor who had successfully done numerous cases like mine. Of course, you have more experience with eyes like mine than anyone and it shows everywhere.

I had the procedure done five days ago. You removed five diopters, the maximum possible in one sitting, of astigmatism from each eye along with what myopia was present. The procedure was painless— pleasant, in fact. I could see directly afterwards, and on my next-day checkup could see at 20/25 or so and was certified by yourself as being legal to drive without contacts. I have never experienced any discomfort and my vision continues to improve. I can now see better than I could with contacts. I can't imagine what it will be like when you do the follow-up LASIK to remove the balance of my astigmatism but I am surely looking forward to that day. I imagine many people would be surprised to learn you include follow-up procedures in the package price. It was a pleasant surprise.

For me, contacts were becoming very uncomfortable to wear. My eyes were getting irritated. Plus, because of the high correction, the toric lenses needed to stay exactly straight up and down...something that was only possible on occasion. Basically, it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to work, read, drive, and such...and glasses were not an option.

The difference for me now is truly amazing and quite wonderful. If you have other patients with conditions similar to mine, or anyone for whom you would like to use me as a reference, please do not hesitate. Your competence, consideration, and kindness are all of the highest order. If I could think of better praise I would offer it. I am already sending you my friends."

– Steven L. Bender
Technical Architect